Welcome to the (VERY MUCH) Unnofficial Los Rios Forensics Page. =] The reason I call it that is because... well, mainly because the guy that was supposed to do our page dropped the team and since I have pictures of everyone scattered everywhere my teammates have been reffering to it as the team page so, uh... I guess this is as close to a team page as we're going to get this year. (Now that it's almost over.) The above picture is (left to right) Jared Anderson, Stacey Brown, Torin Dunnavant (sorry if I spelled your name wrong), Carmen Gonzales, Bryan Riverra (team captain!), and Josh Whamond. Where am I? Taking the %#%&%# picture, that's where I am. =] You're not going to find too much information here... mainly just pictures and maybe descriptions of different events... so that you'll understand a litle better when I start complaining about "I can't believe I didn't break DI!!!! Dinged for off book??? What the Hell????" you won't be quite as apt to think I belong in a sanitarium. =]

Different Sections

Read a bit about my team:
Why Do I Love This So Much???: A compelling argument for competing. =] Drella Style =]
If you wantr to know a little bit more about forensics, go here. =]:
Having It Your Way (This page is up!): This is REALLY funny. =] Go here for a good laugh =]