South Mountain United Church

On November 16, 1859, trustees of the Wesleyan Methodist Church bought land in South Mountain.  The three-eighths of an acre was purchased for $60 from Albert Farrel, yeoman and his wife Margaret.
This property is the site of the current South Mountain United Church.
A wooden church was erected on the site in 1860.  This was replaced by a red brick structure in 1892.  Dedication services took place on New Year's Day 1893.
The formation of the United Church of Canada took place in 1925 when there was a merging of the Methodist, Congregationalist, Presbyterian and 'Local Union' churches.

List of Ministers

1864-65:  Rev. H. McLean
1865-68:  Rev. J. Howes
1868-71:  Rev. A. Armstrong
1871-74:  Rev. J.B. Saunders
1874-77:  Rev. S. Teeson
1877-79:  Rev. W. Reliance
1879-82:  Rev. Wm. Philip
1882-83:  Rev. J. Stewart
1883-86:  Rev. J. Ferguson
1886-89:  Rev. T.B. Conley
1889-92:  Rev. F.W.A. Mayer
1892-95:  Rev. T.E. Lidstone
1895-98:  Rev. T. McAmmond
1898-01:  Rev. F. Tripp
1901-03:  Rev. W. Wells
1903-04:  Rev. L. Conley
1904-07:  Rev. T.E. Burke
1907-11:  Rev. W.H. Raney
1911-15:  Rev. J.H. Millar
1915-18:  Rev. H. Walker
1918-20:  Rev. R. Calvert
1920-25:  Rev. A. Hinton
1925-28:  Rev. P. Pollitt
1928-31:  Rev. A.O. Lloyd
1931-32:  Rev. W.P. Wornell
1932-42:  Rev. W.R. Johnston
1942-48:  Rev. W.J. Buchanan
1948-51:  Rev. J.B. Adams
1951-56:  Rev. W.E. Wright
1956-62:  Rev. Gerald Fee
1962-64:  Rev. S.D. Robertson
1964-68:  Rev. W.E. Black
1969-73:  Rev. Ray Rowley
1973-77:  Rev. Earl D. Moore
1978-79:  Rev. Don Isner
1979-80:  Mr. James McFarlane; Miss Catherine
                Gaw; Miss Janet Evans
1980-85:  Revs. Wm. and Fran Hare
                Mr. Frank Hare
1985-90:  Revs. David and Jane VanPatter
1990-91:  Rev. Angus MacDonald; guest 
                preachers included Sterling Irvine and 
                Christine Gross; lay preachers included
                Bud McKibbon and Shirley 
                Nicol-Scott among others.
1991-    :  Rev. Fred and Marion Milnes

**The above information was taken from 'Glimpses of the Past:  100 Years of History South Mountain United Church' by Shirley Mills.  This book contains a substantial amount of information about the South Mountain area, as well as information on various members of the congregation.  I found this at my local library but believe copies could be purchased from the church directly.**

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