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The President's Corner:

As we proceed through our 2001 year, let me reflect for a moment of our accomplishments in 2000 and the challenges yet ahead in 2001!

2000 was a very good year for the Durham Chapter:

My utmost thanks and appreciation goes out to each of you, for the morale and physical support provided to me as your Chapter President.

I commit to serve the Chapter to the best of my God given abilities. I only ask that each of you lend your unrelenting support as we move forward into the rest of our Program year.

We have several key events ahead of us, Touring Choir Concert and May Commencement.

Our major challenge remains to increase our membership base. It is widely known that there are approximately 6,000 known Alumni in Durham and in our surrounding community.

I call upon you to devote your Time, Resources and Talents in support of our Chapter's efforts for the coming year.

Even more important, we need your Alumni support to ensure the stable operation of our Chapter. Visit our web site   at: http://Durham_Eagles.tripod.com and keep up with the Chapter activities!

Send me your comments at: rsmith@adsystech-nc.com or jmbrds@acninc.net.

Pledge to recommit yourself and support the Chapter and NCCU.



Day Date Time
WednesdayJan. 17, 20017:00 P.M.
WednesdayFeb. 21, 20017:00 P.M.      
WednesdayMar. 21, 20017:00 P.M.
WednesdayApr. 18, 20017:00 P.M.
WednesdayMay. 16, 20017:00 P.M.
WednesdayJun. 20, 20017:00 P.M.

All meetings will be held at the Student Union, Room 146. Promptness is greatly appreciated!            



If you have information to include in the newsletter or add to the web site, send it to the Editor at the   above address or via our web page at: http://Durham_Eagles.tripod.com.


The newly named Office of Institutional Advancement is seeking email addresses from all NCCU Alumni. Send your email address to us today at: Durham_Eagles@yahoo.com!


CIAA at The Raleigh Sports Arena2-26-2001
NCCU Choir Concert3-25-2001
NCCU Sound Machine
Student Recruitment Band Blast
Annual National Alumni Meeting5-11-2001
May Commencement5-12-2001

Durham Chapter On The Move!


On Sunday March 25, 2001, the Durham Chapter of the NCCU Alumni Association will sponsor the Annual Spring Concert of the NCCU Touring and Concert Choirs. The program will take place in the B.N. Duke Auditorium on campus, beginning at 4:00 p.m.

The choirs will perform under the direction of Mr. Frank E. Williams, NCCU's Director of Choral Music.

The program is dedicated to Julius Chambers, our out-going Chancellor.

We cordially invite you to attend this concert, which is free and open to the public. DONATIONS ARE ACCEPTED ALL YEAR LONG!


The Chapter's bloodline is its FINANCIAL membership base. Membership dues underpin our operating expenses, i.e., newsletter, meeting facilities.

The Membership Committee is again determined to increase our financial membership for the 2000-2001 year. The membership period covers July 1st through June 30th of each year.

Pay your membership dues today. A membership form is attached hereto for your convenience.


I am proud announce that Ms. Bobbie Richardson and the Chapter did an outstanding job in this year's program. Due to a great effort, we raised approximately $12,000 on behalf of NCCU and placed 2nd in the Contest! Ms. Bobbie Richardson represented us well during the 90th Gala and all the Homecoming activities.

"Hats off to Bobbie, the Durham Chapter and friends of NCCU, for a job well done"! Let's do it again in 2001!    

Continuous Fundraising Program:

On September 25, 2000, the Durham Chapter announced that it had joined the PersonalBUY.com Affiliate program, a powerful and continuous fundraising initiative.

http://www.PersonalBUY.com, the first Website of its kind dedicated to promoting personal buying preferences of the African- American consumer, offers officially licensed merchandise for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

In concert with that announcement, the Durham Chapter has enlisted the support of the Office of Institutional Advancement and EagleLand.

Through this joint partnership, Alumni will be afforded the opportunity to:

1. Support NCCU by purchasing goods and showing your EAGLE PRIDE!! {7.5% of every purchase is directed to the NCCU Office of Institutional Advancement}.

2. Join the NCCU Alumni Association on-line, which provides ease of use and convenient payment via your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit card!

You can purchase unique commemorative items, such as, T-shirts, floor & wall mats, artwork and more, for yourself, family & friends, and have them delivered to their door! You can order your gift directly OnLine at: http://www.personalbuy.com and begin your positive NCCU shopping experience!!!

NCCU Collegiate Insignia License Plate Drive:

Show your Eagle Pride! and get your plate(s) today.  

Go to: the NCDMV Web Site for more information or complete and submit the DMV form, to order your license plate.

Sound Machine Booster Club (SMBC):

The Durham Chapter is proud to announce that the Sound Machine Booster Club is doing great things in support of our Bands!

The SMBC was formed as an extension of the Chapter, to assist the University to raise much needed funds to assist the activities of our Bands.

Your generous support is much needed. Please visit the SMBC web site at: http://NCCUsmbc.tripod.com/ for more information.

Chapter Web Site:


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