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While we do give our puppies (that we sell) the parvo shots, we never Vaccinate our own dogs these days for two reasons. ONE, My wife works with 6 Vets and each one knows they over Vaccinate. One Vet will tell you NOT to Vaccinate you dogs at all!!

I am including some web sites so you too can educate youself about this important subject. Oh by the way, we did not Vaccinate our Son either. He is 26 with a 3 year old of his own and has never had any of the childhood diseases. This is just plain poison so why would any smart person get sucked into putting their child or dog at risk of getting the very diseases they claim these shots prevent? 10% of Vaccinated children die each year but of course they never say it was the Vaccine that killed them, something to think about huh?

Don't get me wrong. I am not here to tell you what to do. I don't get a dime one way or the other for telling you these things,(unlike your Vet or your Doctors does). I am only using the net to educate people about the medical community in general and ask you to think for yourself. We have the net, so why not use it?
Vaccination Liberation

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FAQ on Vaccination


You have heard of the AMA? (The American Medical Association) Well there is such a thing for the Vets as well. They have come out this year and said that they are over Vaccinating. Now that is one hugh statement when you think about it! Lets learn something from this folks. We can't take the word of Doctors nor Vets when it comes to these drugs,they have something to sell you. We MUST study for ourselves what the facts are. Money rules this world and greed often over comes reason and even common sense! We are the only ones that will take care ourselves so remember this lesson. It may just save the life of someone you love.