The pictures on this page were donated by Gary Clendenning. Thank you for sharing.

Located in front of 2019 Ohio Ave.Gary Clendenning and Annette Sablack on the bike and Chris[Kip] Hadley standing.1958,Gary and Kip are 6 and Annette is about 5.

Kip Hadley and Gary Clendenning in front of 2030 Ohio Ave.,1958.

2030 Ohio Ave.The Clendenning house from 1944 until 1959.

Doris Clendenning and her sister Mary Powel,back yard of 2019 Ohio Ave.,1961.My Aunt was married to Clarence [Bud]Powel from 1953 until his death in 1969.

Doris Clendenning in back yard located at 2030 Ohio Ave.,1948.

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