These pictures were taken on Ohio Ave at Bushwick.

This picture was taken about 1934, the 2 houses are 2206
and 2204 Ohio ave. The little boy, Harold Burlingame, lived at 2204 .

This picture was taken about 1930, looking down Ohio toward the school.
The children are Bernice ( Burlingame) Derenburger,Louise (Burlingame)Griffin,
and Paul Caldwell.

This picture was taken in the early 1950's
It also is looking down Ohio ave toward Klondyke school.
The child in the picture might be Sonie Byrd.

This picture was taken in front of 2162 Ohio Ave
in about 1947. Notice the water works smoke stack and the field
to the left, that is now the large American Electric Power Substation.
The smallest child is Janet (Kirbaugh) Brinker.

This picture was taken in the early 1930's
where the large AEP substation is now. The children are
Sitting: Paul Caldwell, Louise(Burlingame) Griffin, and Bernice
(Burlingame) Derenburger . Standing: Hilda (Burlingame) Kirbaugh,and
Grace ( Burlingame) Derenburger. Behind is Roma Adkins house,
2207 Michigan Ave.

These pictures were taken in the late 1950's.
These houses were built in the field of the previous picture.

The following picture was the home of Lawrence and Virginia
Channels and was on the corner of Ohio and Bushwick. This house
is now Located on St.George Street, in East End. The Girl is Janet
(Kirbaugh) Brinker.

This picture was taken from Ohio Ave, looking between
the Channels home and the Adams home, toward Michigan Ave.
The house to the left was built by Tony and Francis Arcuri. The house
to the right was home to Frank and Ruby Adams.
The boy in the picture is Eddie Derenburger.

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