Kevin and Eileen

Kevin is my future fiance. He's been introducing me as his fiance lately, but he's not getting off that easy. I want a proposal and a wedding. Fuck the ring.

Kevin and I met officially 10 years ago. But the story goes back farther. It was 1988 and I was dating this guy named Ivan. for an idea of what kind of person Ivan was - he was 19 with a mohawk and a Volkswagon Thing, and I was 15. We went to an SCA event. I was first introduced to the SCA by my father when I was in the 2nd grade. Ivan desperately wanted in. I didn't realize that the rules and politics in Ansteorra were FUCKED compared to those in all the kingdoms on the East coast. Ivan needed a stepping stone. Me. I forget the event's real name, but ancient SCAers from Ansteorra will remember it as Night of The Wild Free Scots. More of that FUCKED politics I mentioned. Across a crowded dance circle called Barney's Brawl, I saw Kevin. Lord Taran The Swyfft. His cheekbones were like blades, his hair was long and brown. He was tall and skinny and looked for the world like an Elvin prince. His eyes were the grabbing thing. His eyes were like flecks of grey in another world. I stared at him as we took steps toward each other and many times ended up getting stepped on. He stood next to a lady with long red hair who I later found out was named Vashti of The Flaming Tresses. She kept flicking it into his face. ^_^ I didn't see him again after that. Instead I ran around with what appeared to be a long lost brother - David Fredrick Heath. And if you ever read this, David - YOU'RE A COMPLETE SHIT FOR NOT INTRODUCING US!! HE WAS YOUR ROOMMATE FER CRISSAKES!! Get back to Texas so you can attend the wedding. David and I both had curly blonde hair and the last name Heath. I always wanted an older brother and he always wanted a little sister. I didn't know Kevin stayed the entire event. He was vomitting raw chicken Kus-kus in the bathroom. The next time I saw him was in 1989. It was the Metallica Cult Jam.

I saw this guy standing in a grey sleeveless shirt, grey bandana, and long hair that was more medieval than hippie or stoner. He was watching the crowd with a firece instensity. I didn't know it at the time but that was Kevin. I also didn't know he was searching for a drunk preppie friend named Eddie. I just stared at him, lanky, tights jeans. I kept thinking, "Look my way. Come on - look my way!" So I took my shirt off and stood in a laced up bodice thinking 'This'll get his attention' - only to see he had vanished. I nearly ran into him again. See, Kevin's never been in a mosh pit before this event. So as per the usual of The Coca~Cola Starplex (it's name back then) someone set a blanket on fire and everyone began to mosh around it in the wonderful circle dance of the 80's. Trouble is, I saw it STOPPING up ahead. Kevin.

Kevin saw Eddie wander in and get swept away. Kevin THOUGHT it was a fight. One guy came charging at him, and he knocked him aside. Then another - then another. Kevin holds a Red Sash in Kung-Fu and a Brown Belt in Karate (several styles). This is what happens when you dedicate yourself to an art. You miss out on the real world.

So bodies are piling up and I'm being pushed towards this. No one seems to notice, or if they do, they can't stop. I suddenly get yanked out in time and the ring breaks up by a security goon with a fire extinguisher. I couldn't make out it was the guy, I just saw some idiot holding his ground against all odds - AND HE WASN'T SUPPOSE TO.


1990   -   A   year   that   will   remain   in   Infamy...

I was finally introduced to Kevin in 1990. He was dating my friend Katja Paule. But in true katja fashion, she had 3 men very confused and Kevin was one of them. He wasn't aware they were dating. The other were convinced they were. Katja wanted me to observe kevin and to tell her what she found so intriguing about him. I get alot of weird requests. I just let it roll. I was her handmaiden in the SCA, so I figured - why not. At least this guy was better quality than Eddie or Slim (the other 2).

It was a grey rainy day and I met them at the Kimbell art museum. I was fortunate enough to have a sweet little apartment up the road from it on Melbourne in downtown Fort Worth. I sat in a couch across from Kevin and simply watched him. It didn't click in my head this was the same man. He spoke rarely and had a grace to his movements. I later told Katja, "You like him because he's an enigma to you. You can't figure him out and you like a man of mystery. He's ancient in the eyes as he is young in the face. He intrigues you."

"Ah," she replied. "You're right." and went on with her life. They broke up afterwards. Don't ask, no one seems to know exactly what was going on.

My boyfriend Matt Scott, whom I supported soley for a year, dumped me in April-May. For a fat chick. He costed me my job and my apartment. Soon I was living with Katja because Matt gave me Thrush - a transmutable throat infection he picked up from kissing several girls before dumping me. Thank god - it could have been worse. But here's a note to you girls: Taking a guy's virginity doesn't count for much anymore. Yet Matt lived in Katja's house as well. The Fam Damily. Katie's brother Woody was hitting on, I was heart broken over Matt, matt was tryig to sleep with Sarah the Slut and Katja was curiosu what he was in the sack and I'm not even going to go into what was happening in the upper echelons of the adults above us. I'm only 17 at this time.

Katja realized I was losing it. She took me out a party that Eddie was throwing. Eddie's parents were gone for 2 weeks. This meant one week of party and one week of clean up. This was the BEST party Eddie ever held - and he can only remember some of it. He missed the best part which was most of the first night. But upon arriving at the little 2 story family home in Joshua, tx, I see my ex. And I'm understandly pissed. But I bear it. Maybe we can get back together. No. He was kissing a skank. I wanted him to never touch me again. She was hideous. And he was already cheating on his girl Sarah. And that's when I picked up a little self respect and scanned the room. I saw Kevin. His hair was cut, he was single and when he spoke, his voice seemed much deeper than I expected. I drew a cirle around him and pointed, thinking to myself. "I will have him. He will be mine. That's the one I want."

And it was....

It wasn't all Popsicle sticks and Dice, though ....