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As the weary adventurer walks the worn path thru the dark and dreary forest, in search of safe haven, he stumbles upon a sign post in a small clearing, written upon this time worn and ancient sign post are runes proclaiming that down the smaller path is the dwelling of an elven knight & magician. The adventurer seeing the little daylight that he did have is quickly fading and that night is falling fast, deciding to take the path and seek rest and safety at the elf's home, he journeys down the path with hurried step. The forest seems to be closing in about him as he travels deeper, fearing some enchantment, he races faster until he bursts free into a large wooded glade. Looking back over his shoulder from which he just came, his eyes widen with disbelief, for the path that led him here is gone, replaced by thick woods. In awe he surveys the surroundings and discovers a babbling brook with a small wooden bridge across it, over the small bridge is the courtyard of an ancient looking manner house with some small out buildings, one of which looks to be a smithy, the other looks to be a barn, all in which is surrounded by a stone wall. Seeing wistful curls of smoke coming from the chimney, the adventurer approaches the iron bound oak door, reaches out his hand and raps three times...*boom*...*boom*...*boom*...the sounds of his knocking echoes ominously inside the house, just as he is about to knock again, the door creaks slowly ajar...with curiosity he pushes the heavy door open and walks in, as soon as he is inside, the door slams shut and momentarily blinds him leaving his eyes to adjust to the gloomy interior of the house. From out of thin air a voice says "Be ye welcome, weary stranger to my humble home...please make thy self at home and please, dunno mind the mess, I haven't had visitors in ages" and as quickly as the voice began, it ceases...*thinking to himself* "am I to be left to explore?" not knowing the answers and wanting to ask more he looks at his surroundings and discovers that he's in a very long hallway, and that it's filled with many doors and the walls are covered with priceless art. The adventure decides since he has come this far to push on and explore, down the corridor a rune encrusted door catches his eyes with dancing swirls of color, could this room be the owners room? Walking to the door and stopping, he reaches for the doorknob which triggers a tiny blue arch of lightning, which hits his hand and knocks him off his feat, collecting his thoughts for a minute he hears a voice say "Oh my, I dost be quite sorry that ye was shocked by the wards" "my sincere apologies good fellow" "I shall make amends and make sure that ye dost have a good nights rest" so saying, a white light seems to begin glowing around him as he watches in amazement, feeling himself growing sleepy he closes eyes, but the fighter in him tries to fight it, but to no avail ...the glowing glows brighter and soon pulsates, and is gone, leaving the hallway empty...reappearing in a lushly furnished room the man is lain abed for the night......to awaken in the morning......

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The sky is blue and the morning sun shines gently down on the sleeping adventures face, slowly waking up, he hears birdsong before opening his eyes to find himself in a meadow filled with wild flowers in bloom as far as the eye can see. Getting up off the soft earth an looking back, he sees the dark and gloomy forest behind, wondering how he got here, then remembering last nites advents, he knows that the kind elf must have put him here, hearing a nicker of a horse the adventurer looks back behind himself again and sees a horse by the forrests edge, swearing out loud and grinning broadly he jogs to the horse, greeting him with a pat to his head and figuring that the horse was left here for him, the adventurer decides to take 'em, putting his foot in the stirrup & climbing into the saddle, he turns round and rides away....heading for the nearest city to tell his tale.

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