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Welcome to The Native American Connection
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05/24/01 - I have decided to drop the old Link Exchange banner and replace it with a banner from the Native American Banner Exchange. I feel this is more in tune with the general concept of uniting all N.A. sites.

05/22/01 - I have changed the Guest book to one that better suits the needs of the public. This one will notify me when someone has written to me so that I will be able to respond much faster. Thanks for being patient.

05/19/01 - Hello all. It's been awhile since I have had a chance to work on this page. I now have access to the files again and I will start working on it right away. I will also try to respond to as many of the GuestBook request as I can and I will be changing the Guest Book soon. Thanks for being patient. I have a new E-mail address below that will always be available.

Below you will find a drop down menu that leads to many
Native links. I plan to add more as I collect them. If you
have a site that you would like added, feel free to contact me at or Sign/View My Guestbook

If you don't care for drop down menu's or you are unable to run
JavaScript then click on our non-Java page below. This will load a
framed or frameless page depending on your browser.

Please come back and check on us as we will be growing.

Native American Links Or Goto The
N.A. Frames/No-Frames Page

I will include some usefull links later.

Blue Rule Blue Rule

Looking through your old notes and address books to locate an old friend. If so,
try out the Four11 search card below. You can use this to find E-Mail and Street
addresses or join up with Four11 and add your own name to the list.

Four11 Free Listing
State Country
SmartName (Bob = Robert)

This site is owned by
Matthew McCombs.

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