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It used to be that I would only present this story around the time of Black Friday. But since this sort of craziness is now commonplace here in the U.S. and is no longer shocking due to the increasing desensitization of the masses, I decided to leave it up as a thank you to all the many readers who expressed their approval - or otherwise - regarding my work. No criticism goes unheeded; we learn from that. Well ... some of us do.

And so it was ... not long ago, the shadow of a woman fell across the threshold of a store that could have been anywhere in urban U.S.A. Her hunger for a bargain was legendary and the likes of which God had never seen. Back by popular demand, Mable Moxely, that red-tag renegade of the reduced bin, once again rambles the discount aisle. Come with me now as I invite you to witness the most heinous holiday shopper to ever approach a cashier. Enjoy

It's here!

Widowmakers: A Benefit Anthology of Dark Fiction

Edited by Pete Kahle

And featuring the works of...

Gary A. Braunbeck
Bracken Macleod
Brian Hodge
Brian Keene
Ed Kurtz
Elizabeth Massie
Joe Miles
J.F. Gonzalez
Norman Prentiss
James A. Moore
Jeff Strand
Ray Garton
And many more...

Lea D'Archer

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After accepting an invitation to the North Georgia mountains to retrieve the belongings of his dead aunt from the old wiccan woman with whom she had lived and mysteriously died, Kyle Kessler, a Florida banker, finds that he must battle evil in an attempt to hinder the birth of the Antichrist.

"Joseph Miles has delivered a masterpiece...It's gutsy, it's powerful, and it's addictive." ~ Soul Engravings

"...Wonderful collection of highly entertaining stories...very hard to put down!" ~ Fans of Modern Horror

"...a stunning display of work." ~ Mohr Reviews

"Rich depths of texture and nuance...a fraught
undercurrent just below the surface of it all." ~ Soul Engravings

"...polished, atmospheric and often literary in style...even at their least impressive, these stories are still likely to be a whole sight better than much of the fiction offerings around today." ~ Dark Fire Fiction

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