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Titskanwatitch Tribe of Texas

Tonkawa, Karankawa, and Lipan Apache



The time has come for the Titskanwatitch to come out of hiding! If you are descended from a member of the eleven Bands of Tonkawa that stayed in Texas, the Karankawa that survived the massacre, or the Lipan Apache that allied and blended with the Tonkawa, contact me for details concerning Tribal membership. There are approximately fourty thousand of us in Texas. If you are unsure of your First Nations heritage, our Tribal Seer can answer your questions. If your family considers themselves to be "Black Dutch", you are First Nations of some Texas Tribe. This term was first coined by Cherokee and Choctaw settlers to Texas in order to hide their identity and avoid persecution.

First Nations and Neopagans
of EarthMother

[formerly First Nations of Turtle Island
(North America)]


Channel 16
Sunday mornings 10:00 to 11:30

First Nations (indigenous peoples worldwide and more specifically Native Americans, though this is an outdated and very nonspecific term as anyone born in America could be considered a native American) and Neopagan issues and information covered in a "talk show" format.

If you wish to be on the show, please contact me.

Here's an eclectic mix of
links to related areas of interest
or organizations

UT Pagan Student Alliance (PSA): A mixed bag of Indigenous Pagans and European descent Neopagans for common cause.

Native American Indian Resources: Gateway to; Art, Culture, Education, History, Science, etc. (metasite- over 300 web pages!)

Austin Internet Yellow Pages: This is where you can find anything in Austin.

Timber! & Blue Lodge Homepage: Please ignore the prophetic stuff and go directly to the HUGE Links Page (1776+), probably the only First Nations one that you will need.

The Moonoak Homepage: Good list of articles and Pagan Links.

The Council of the Magickal Arts (CMA): A Texas Pagan organization. They put on good, but not serious on the Ritual aspect, gatherings with lots of fairly useful classes on various topics.

Pagan Austin Network: Local Pagan connection page.

WebCircle: A Texas Pagan Circle (Ring).

Arachne's Web: Paganism and Wicca Pages: A good (450+) Pagan links page.

Pagan Awareness League: Pagan Rights, etc.

The Celtic Ring Homepage: A specifically Celtic webpage ring.

Celtica: Good Celt information page.

Austin Community Access Center (ACAC): Cable TV (local access only) Which allows us to make the show for free.

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet: Lots of NA links.

Links: Lots of Pagan and Wiccan links.

Pagan Community: A mixed-bag Pagan site.

Links to other Native American sites: More links.

KFAI Fresh Air Radio Native American Resources: And more links.

Native American Sources on the Internet: And more links.

The Webring Home: The Mother ring!

Faeghan B. White Wolf

Austin, Tx.

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