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'97 - '98

These and more questions and answers can be found by clicking the FAQ button in the chatroom.

I use AOL, how can I use ParaChat? Just connect to AOL, go to the Word Wide Web, minimize the AOL window and launch a Java enabled browser. You can download Netscape Navigator v3.01 from or Microsoft Internet Explorer v3.0 from

I am using Netscape 3.0 / MS I.E. 3.0 on Windows 95 and still get the 'Sorry not Java enabled' message, is there some option I need to set? Make sure that your browser's Java feature is enabled. For Netscape Navigator, enable Java by clicking "Options", "Network Preferences", "Language". Make sure the "Enable Java" checkbox is checked. For Microsoft Internet Explorer, enable Java by clicking "View", "Options", "Security". Check the "Enable Java programs"checkbox. .
What kind of browser do I need to use ParaChat? You need to use a web browser that is Java enabled in order to use ParaChat. If your browser is not Java enabled you will not see the chat room but get a message 'Sorry your browser is not Java enabled' Windows 95 users :Netscape 2.0, 3.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher MAC users must use MS Internet Explorer 3.01b , it will not work reliably with Netscape 3.0 currently. Win 3.1 users can use Netscape 3.01 Beta with Java for Windows 3.1.
How do I chat using ParaChat? When you visit the web page with the chat room and your browser supports Java you will see the chat window. Click on the Connect button , enter you user name (other fields are not required) and click on OK. You are in the chat room. You will see the others in the black window on the right. Type any message in the text box at the bottom and hit return and it is sent to all users by default.
How do I send a private message? Check the 'private chat' check box and highlight the user and then any message typed is sent only to that user with a [PRIVATE your_name] in front of it so he know who sent it and that it is private.
Can I block out annoying messages? To silence annoying chatters in your room , check the 'ignore user' check box and highlight the user and then any message sent by the user will not be displayed on your screen. If you like using commands you can use *ignore add username Its as if that annoying user just went away! Wish it worked in real rooms too right?

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