Estuary Perch
(Macquaria colonorum)

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The Estuary Perch extends south from the Richmond River in NSW to as far west as the mouth of the Murray River in South Australia. It is also occasionally caught in the Arthur and Ansons rivers in northern Tasmania.

Growth and Size
The Estuary Perch grows larger than its close relative, the Bass, sometimes growing up to 10kg (22lbs).

Species Information
Estuary Perch generally feed on shrimp, prawns and to a lesser extent molluscs and worms. Although Estuary Perch readily take surface bait, they generally feed closer to the bottom.

Estuary Perch are catadromous, spending most of thier time in freshwater, but migrating to brackish water to spawn. Spawning generally occurs in mid-winter and early spring. Due to the migratory nature of the Bass, regulated waters, such as dams and weirs, interfer with the spawning life stage.

Estuary Perch will hybridise with it's close relative, the Australian Bass in overlapping areas of distribution, particularly in Victorian drainages. Hybrids can only be made successfully with a bass mother.

Suitable Rig

Estuary Perch is a member of the family Percichthidae. This family also includes other premier native sportfish like the Murray, Eastern and Trout Cods, Macquarie Perch, Australian Bass and Golden Perch (Yellowbelly).

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