Golden Perch
(Macquaria ambigua)

 1998 Fatso

Widespread throughout the Murray-Darling system

Growth and Size
Golden Perch grow rapidly and to a large size. Several fish in excess of 12kg (26.4lbs)have been reported from the lower reaches of hte Murray River. A 24 kg (52.8 lbs) fish was reported (but not verified) from Kow Swamp, Vic.

Species Information
Golden Perch are also known as Yellowbelly or Callop, depending upon which part of the country you are in.

Golden Perch in captive or stocked situations in farm dams and large reservoirs show a distinct year-round feeding preference for yabbies, with lesser quantities of shrimp and larger insect larvae such as mudeyes.

Suitable Rig

Golden Perch is a member of the family Percichthidae. This family also includes other premier native sportfish like the Murray, Eastern and Trout Cods, Macquarie Perch, Estuary Perch and Australian Bass.

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1998 Fatso

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