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African Parrot Society Home Page
The goals of this organization shall be to: Encourage high standards and promote responsible breeding of African parrots by aviculturists and zoological institutions. Share information about breeding, behavior and management through a periodic newsletter to benefit the preservation of these species in captivity. 3. Promote the protection of these species in the wild and the preservation of their habitat. Promote better liaison between aviculturists, ornithologists, field researchers, zoo personnel and veterinarians. Establish studbooks to insure genetic diversity. Take an annual census of captive populations. Support and encourage veterinary, avicultural and field research Promote cooperation between the owners of rare species so these birds will have a chance to breed and be established in captivity.
All Species Parrot Club
Our purpose is to educate and learn about the owning of and caring for all types of parrots. Some of the activities we are involved in are fund raising for avian medical research and parrot-related conservation efforts.
Amazona Society International
The Amazona Society is the world's oldest and most comprehensive information NETWORK on Amazons. Founded in 1984
American Federation of Aviculture
The American Federation of Aviculture is the only national avicultural organization to have actively promoted avicultural interests for the past twenty-two years. AFA will continue to vigorously pursue these goals into the future.
Association of Avian Veterinarians
Advancing and Promoting Avian Medicine and Stewardship.
Aviary & Cage Bird Society of South Florida Inc.
The AVIARY AND CAGE BIRD SOCIETY OF SOUTH FLORIDA was founded as a non-profit organization in 1978. The original club consisted of 22 Charter members, but today the membership exceeds 300. One of the greatest benefits of these meetings is the exchange of information between members. There are always experts on hand willing to help with questions or problems. You will always find others who have similar interests.
Avicultural Society of America
The Avicultural Society of America was founded in New York in October, 1927, by several aviculturists who saw a need to share their experiences and knowledge about the keeping of birds in garden and aviaries.
Beakers Parrot Society
Beakers Parrot Society's goal is to inform bird owners on how to care for, breed, and love their birds to the best of their ability. Beakers Parrot Society is dedicated to the preservation and propagation of all species and will not be prejudiced because of species, size, mutations, etc. Beakers Parrot Society is also dedicated to funding worthwhile projects to promote Avian Research and cooperative breeding programs.
Blue Chip Exhibition Budgerigar Society
Blue Chip Exhibition Budgerigar Society is dedicated to the encouragement and support of those interested in the budgerigar for exhibition. Blue Chip is an affiliated club of The American Budgerigar Society.
Canadian World Parrot Trust
The Canadian World Parrot Trust is a branch of the World Parrot Trust the only international conservation organization devoted exclusively to the survival of parrot species in the wild, as well as the welfare of every individual parrot. Aware that people of every culture respond with affection to these beautiful and animated birds, the Trust sees parrots as ecological "pathfinders," leading the way to a wider understanding of conservation issues.
Clubs & Organizations
Petstation Library: National & Regional Club and Organization list provided by Bird Barn.
Eclectus Society
The Eclectus Society is committed to the betterment of the captive population of the Eclectus parrots, and firm advocacy to the protection of their natural habitat.
Exotic Bird Breeders Association of America
Linking breeders across America. Journal-the Breeders Bulletin, breeding information questions answered.
The purpose of FaunaLink is to assist in the conservation of wildlife, especially psittacine birds, by providing a staff and facilities to accept, care for and breed birds and other wildlife; to provide funding for wildlife research projects and to disseminate information regarding the captive propagation of wildlife. All propagation, research and management projects are specifically directed at those species which have been depleted in the wild, at least partially, by exploitation for the exotic animal trade.
German Parrot Rescue
The german parrot rescue (GPR) will help parrot owners in need of emergency placement of pet parrots. We will also network people with similar interests in rescuing pet parrots.
Greater Rochester Hookbill Association (GRHA)
The Greater Rochester Hookbill Association, Inc. is a Not-For-Profit bird club located in Rochester, NY. The GRHA was formed to educate bird owners and the public about the care and conservation of parrots.
International Aviculturists Society
IAS is a Group of Aviculturists from around the world striving to Protect, Preserve,& Enhance the keeping & breeding of all Exotic birds through Educational Programs, Cooperative Breeding Programs, and the Funding of Avian Research and Avian Conservation Programs.
International Parrotlet Society
The International Parrotlet Society's (IPS) purpose is to promote interest in parrotlets, whether for exhibition, reproduction, care, knowledge, conservation, study, companion birds, or hobby; also to present to its members information to increase the understanding of the various genera, species and subspecies of parrotlets.
Macaw Landing Foundation
The Macaw Landing Foundation Inc. was incorporated in April of 1992 by Jack Devine as a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization. We are registered with the IRS and the Department of Justice, State of Oregon. The foundation is dedicated to the preservation of the Macaws. This conservation organization combines scientifically based information from the field with the propagation of endangered Macaws, wildlife management, and environmental education, while building public awareness, as well as supporting organizations that are working to preserve the Macaws in the wild.
National Finch and Softbill Society
he National Finch and Softbill Society (NFSS) is a non-profit, hobbyist organization dedicated to the conservation, breeding, exhibiting and enjoyment of finches and softbills . Founded in 1984, the NFSS currently has over 1000 members, representing all fifty U. S. states and several countries around the world.
North American Cockatiel Society
The club dedicated to the education of the pet cockatiel owner as well as the cockatiel breeder.
North American Parrot Society
Do you Show Parrots? Are you looking for a Society... That offers traceable bands? Which offers not only a Best in Show Plaque, but also a novice plaque? That has a standard for clipped wings? That informs its members how their money is being spent by printing a semi-annual financial statement? Which prints a quarterly informative journal? Which has a General Meeting at the National Cage Bird Show where members may voice their opinions? Which requires the retirement of Grand Champions (except for National Show)? Which encourages novice exhibitors? Which puts the FUN and FAIRNESS back in showing? If you answered YES to any of the above, you've come to the right place. The N.A.P.S. does this and more.
PALS: Pets Are Loving Support
Pets Are Loving Support is a non-profit agency organized to improve the quality of life of people with AIDS by preserving and promoting the human/animal bond through the care and maintenance of their animal companions. Pets Are Loving Support has been providing services to people with AIDS,and their pets, in Sonoma County, California (USA) since 1991.
Parrot Association of Canada
The aims and goals of the Parrot Association of Canada are: To promote high standards in the keeping of parrots by educating the public and the media; to monitor, report on and influence the actions of government at all levels as they pertain to parrots; to promote professionalism in psittacine aviculture by establishing an aviary certification program and by providing services that will encourage co-operation in parrot breeding; to support parrot related research and conservation projects.
Parrot Preservation Society
Parrots, a vast group of colorful, intelligent companions that we share our world with. Macaws are our specialty, with Amazons, Cockatoos and Conures rounding out the menagerie of our South American birds. We have published multiple informative articles regarding care, housing, transportation, breeding, incubation and identification of Ara and Anodorhynchus species. Worldwide breeding exchanges of Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons and Conures are encouraged, and some birds are seasonally available by reservation as companion animals, without exchange being necessary.
Parrot Society of Australia Inc.
The Parrot Society of Australia Inc is the leading society for keepers and breeders of all types of parrots. We are dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of information on the breeding, care and conservation of all parrot species. We have a strong membership that continues to grow and our aim is to carry on this trend so that we can provide a better service for our members. Much time and effort is put into the welfare and understanding of these birds and society members are only too willing to help others expand their knowledge and give practical advice.
We are not "bird brokers" who buy and sell unwanted pet birds to the highest bidder. We are a "Bird Humane Society" interested in your bird's health, comfort, and survival. When we allow a pet bird to be adopted, we monitor their care and treatment for at least one year. If they have been well cared for in that time, they become full fledged residents of that home. The family adopting them must sign a legally binding contract saying that they cannot sell the bird or give it to anyone without our approval. They always have the option of sending the bird back to us. If you know of birds in situations where they are being abused or neglected, please let us know.
Pionus Breeders Association
Founded by aviculturalist Hank Brawley in 1980, the Pionus Breeders Association is a worldwide network of breeders, pet owners, scientists, and conservationists with the following aims: Disseminating and exchanging avicultural and scientific information to its members and other interested parties about the husbandry, reproduction, and biology of parrots of the genus Pionus. Supporting and assisting in the protection of habitat critical for the long-term survival of Pionus parrots in the wild.
Real Macaw Parrot Club
We are an all-species club, not just limited to Macaws. Our purpose is to educate and learn about the owning of and caring for all types of parrots. Some of the activities we are involved in are fund raising for avian medical research and parrot-related conservation efforts. We are one of the founders of The Bird Clubs of New Jersey. We sponsor a Breeding Consortium whose goal is to keep the Spectacled (White Fronted) Amazon available to aviculturists.
Riverina Finch Society
Australian finch club. We promote the breeding of all species of native and foreign finches. The Society vigorously discourages any form of smuggling, cruelty or ill treatment of any birds. Through captive breeding of exisiting aviary populations, this will ensure these aviary populations remain self-sustainable. We encourage aviary populations to be kept in a micro-environment as close as possible to where the bird would be found in the wild. This stimulates the finches into successful breeding. With the constant degradation of various types of habitat in Australia, our captive breeding programs of all Australian Finches will ensure an adequate gene pool of finches to re-introduce back into replanted habitat when required. Through educational displays and exhibitions we endeavour to educate individuals about finches and the importance of captive breeding programs to ensure their survival.
Santa Clara Valley Canary and Exotic Bird Club
The object of this organization is the scientific, educational, and humane study of; the breeding and sharing the knowledge of; and the appreciation of all caged birds (from our bylaws.) Any person interested in these objects is eligible for membership. $20.00 dues cover membership from January 1st to December 31. New members joining for the first time between July and October (inclusive) may pay $10.00. Members joining or renewing after October will be considered paid through the following year. Renewals must be paid by February 15th each year.
Society of Parrot Breeders & Exhibitors
The Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors, Inc., (SPBE) is a society consisting of people who breed parrots and/or exhibit them. Members range from the individual pet owner to the hobby breeder, and even the large-scale professional breeder. We honor and encourage the individual pet owner, collectors of parrots, hobby breeders, and large-scale breeders as we feel that all of these people would be important members of The SPBE avicultural family, and each one is welcome. Whether you own one bird or one hundred birds, whether you live in the city or the country, the United States, England, Europe, Africa, South America, Australia or somewhere else in the world there are many reasons for you to join SPBE.




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