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About Birds
About Birds has been a distributor of Quality Products since 1987 and carries names you can trust like Busy Beaks, Lafeber, Roudybush, Scenic, Scentry Seed Moth Traps, and much more.
Animal Environments
If your bird could design it's own cage . . . .No compromises are made in the manufacture of these products. No detail is too small in design, materials or finish. Literally, it is not possible to build a better birdcage within the current state of today's technology. These are the best birdcages in the world!
A Personal Screensaver of Your Pets
Think of your personal screen saver as a great new family album or a slide show of your favorite pets - always open and ready to go.
Arrowhead Aviaries Cages
Cages for amazons, macaws, cockatoos, greys & pet parrots. We will Ship FREE anywhere in the Continental United States. Shipping is included in the price of the cages. This will save you $75 to $155 per cage depending on where we ship to and what cage you order. Orders out of the Continental United States will be credited for the shipping to the nearest U.S. port.
Avian Inc.
There are a lot of birdgyms out there... but none match up to the Parrot Tower. We've put a decade of experience into it's development. That's right, the Parrot Tower from Avian Inc. is the best selling birdgym in America.
Aviaries On-Line
Aviaries On-Line offers you custom built quality cages for ornamental garden sites or breeding purposes. All cages are professionally built with quality materials. Standard hexagonal, rectangular and square models available or obligation free quotes to your specification.
Aviary Manager Software
Australia's most leading computer software that lets you access and maintain all the information you need to know about your birds and aviary in an instant.
Perches, heating products, lights, toys, food supplements, brooders, syringes for parrots & exotic birds.
Bird City U.S.A.
Our cages come complete! Our cages arrive complete and include a removable grate, heavy duty casters, natural hardwood perches, and your choice of ceramic, stainless steel or our new colorful plastic cup. Your play area is included, or a swing if a dome cage is chosen. On playpen models no top tray is necessary as the center piece pulls out to allow your bird to climb in and out of the cage without having to leave your front door open. All cages fold down flat for easy storage. No nuts and bolts are used and the cages are very easy to assemble.
Bird Data
Software database program for parrot breeders. BirdData is now FREE! Prior versions were shareware, but with version 3.20 the program is now freeware.
Bird Diaper FlightQuarters
Cleverly disguised, reusable bird diapers ! Now functions as Bird Harness! (only better!) STOP the MESS! CLEAN LESS! PATENTED Design! Certified POOP- Proof! Flight-tested! TAKE-OFF now with FlightSuits!
Birds of Play
Purveyors of fine Bird Toys for Pet Parrots, Bird Applique Kites, Windsocks and Banners and Sport Kites. Single and multiline Kites from around the world. For family style fun.
Tape Cassettes and Compact Discs for Training Birds to Talk.
Bird Tutor
A digital speech training system. Your Bird Will Talk! The Bird Tutor is the most effective training system available. Breeders, Theme Parks, trainers and owners throughout the world rely on the Bird Tutor for their bird training.
Birdwalk Trick Toys
Birdwalk Trick Toys aren't just another toy to hang in the cage for your bird to play with by himself. You and your bird play with these toys together, giving him something new and exiting to learn while spending time with you. Trick Toys are interactive, create a new dimension of communication between you and your pal, and enhance the bird/owner bond in your relationship. Amaze your friends and family with your bird's dexterity, understanding, and intelligence with these toys.
For 20 years we at Brinsea have been designers and manufacturers of egg incubators and bird rearing accessories for the enthusiast and small scale specialist.
California Cageworks
Animal Enclosure and Cage Specialists. Quality cage products at prices that don't bite! Our wire panels are so sturdy that they are self-supporting. No framework is required. These are the most versatile enclosures in the marketplace; they are suitable for finches to macaws. These units can be easily joined to form a multiple enclosure complex.
C-DERM: Products for Caged Birds
The following products are currently available for caged birds: Anti-Pick Spray for relief of inflammation and infection due to self-picking. Anti-Mite Spray to rid bird and cage of mites and soothe irritated skin. Foot Balm for minor infections of birds' feet.
The ClearFlite Visionary bird cage system is a technology breakthrough in home bird cages that allows you to keep your parrots, macaws and cockatoos in your living room or family room. The mess that the birds make is contained in the cage and the bird cage system provides many ways to keep your bird safely entertained. The Visionary bird cage construction uses extruded aluminum structural elements and acrylic so your bird will only destroy the wooden toys you provide for that purpose. Now ClearFlite bird cages are the free standing bird cage of choice of the Cleveland Zoo (Rainforest Exhibit) and the Baltimore Aquarium (Baltimore Oriole Exhibit)!
Clear Flite HEPA Air Purifiers
ClearFlite HEPA air purifiers clean the air so that allergy and asthma sufferers can breathe easier, and pet owners can enjoy their pets again. Plus ClearFlite air purifiers are far less expensive than divorce court for smoker spouses! This web site will help you select the proper air purifier model for your needs.
Nutritional exotic bird foods & supplements.
DD Pets
Manufacturers of IrresistibleFun Foods For Pet Birds and Iguanas.
Discount Manzanita Co.
Wholesale Manzanita -Buy Manzanita by the pound or by the tree and save money!! We sell Manzanita raw or create lovely perches, swings, toys etc. for birds with it. Further, we use part of our sales revenue to educate the public about Manzanita and it's uses, spreading the word of it's theft on public lands and encourage the public to start farming Manzanita as well.
Ecotone Aviaries
Indoor mesh flight cages for small to medium size pet birds.
Feathered Kids 'N Stuff
The products that I carry are the best that I have found for the purposes that they serve.
Feather Fantasy
The most comprehensive pet supply store on the west coast and distributor of Fantasy Cages and Pretty Bird Pellets.
Feathers & Fur
Feathers & Fur specializes in avian supplies. We provide a full range of nutritional products, accessories and information for your parrot.
Finest Quality In-Shell Nuts
The finest quality in-shell nuts in 24 lb. and 50 lb. packages. These nuts are people-quality, just sold in larger units for best pricing. The nuts come from one of the largest U.S. suppliers, so the stock is always fresh.
Fowl Play
Our toys are vet approved, and considered some of the best available. They have been featured in Bird Talk many times. Safety for your bird is our first concern.
Live foods for pet birds.
Heathside Collectibles
Older & rare bird books .
Hi Jolly's Bird Books
Catalog of exotic bird books & video tapes - Order on line.
Impeckable Aviaries
Roudybush feed products & nutrition information.
Jungle Island Toys
We realize that having safe, fun toys to play with is important to you and to your bird(s). We also know that getting your money's worth is important to you. That's why we offer safe, fun toys that are hand-made in our home, and tested by our own birds, at a very reasonable price.
Just Parrots
Just Parrots is a Canadian Manufacturer of parrot play products. Products to meet the needs of your pet based on Natural behaviours, Inquisitiveness, Foraging, Species preferences and Cage accomodation.
Premium-quality food and treats for pet birds.
Li'l Tweets
Li'l Tweets are primarly made for small birds; finches, parakeets, lovebirds, parrotlets, conures, and the less agressive, less destructive birds.
L_M_Bird Leg Bands
We offer a wide variety of Bird Identification Bands ranging in size from 3/32" I.D. (2.4mm) for finches to 3/4" I.D. (19.45mm) for Macaws. Plastic, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel Bands in a variety of color combinations. Marked with your unique breeder's code and produced to your specifications.
Macaws Only
Builders of cages for For the BIG BIRD in the family. Will customize for your pets.
MicroBio Products
Since 1969, MicroBio Products has been involved in manufacturing and distributing clinical laboratory products, with an emphasis on the microbiology market. The combination of providing high quality products and excellent customer service has ensured our growth in the marketplace.
Nature's Pet Marketplace
Natural & holistic products for exotic birds & other pets Originators of Fanata-Seed, all natural, human grade ingredients.
NestEgg Bird Breeder's Software
My Birds 1.1 Shareware and NestEgg 2.503 Freeware are Windows-based software developed by Marius van der Walt that can be used to archive information about your breeding pairs and their clutches. My Birds 1.1 Shareware is a completely redesigned and updated version of the NestEgg 2.503 (and earlier) Freeware series.
New York Bird Supply
We are one of the nations largest mail order bird feed companies. Now you can order food and supplies for your feathered friends from the comfort of your computer. See below for our full line of food, vitamins, toys & books. We sell most major brands of quality feed plus our own custom blends.
Noah's Kingdom
We are very pleased to offer the finest products for your bird in the world today, NOAH'S KINGDOM's human-consumption quality "Whole Life Cycle" foods and pet care products. We offer a variety of foods, treats and herbal-based supplements that are both nutritious and tasty. Our philosophy is to provide you with all the facts about the nutritional value of our ingredients and let you decide for yourself!
Noah's Pet Supplies
Noah's Quality Pets and Supplies opened its doors for the first time in October, 1983 with two basic concepts in mind. We wanted to supply pet owners and hobbyists with the latest advances in technology as well as the familiar " tried and true" products and methods. The second idea was that the more pet owners and hobbyists knew, the more they would enjoy their pets. This would also benefit the pets themselves by having their needs better met. This program seems to have been well received because we have been in businesss for almost 13 years. We currently have 3 stores with a 4th opening soon.
Pacific Cage
Since 1923, originality in styling, plus the finest materials and workmanship have combined to make the trade name "Pacific" synonymous with quality. Every Pacific cage is constructed to exacting specifications regardless of the price field it must meet. Pacific leadership in "quality at all price levels" is zealously maintained as your guarantee of both consumer sales and satisfaction. Conscientious planning and original styling sustain Pacific as the "pace-setter" of today's functional, modern cages.
Palace Cages
Looking for Fantastic Beautiful Parrot cages? Well, You stopped at the right place! Large cages for all birds. Custom cages for rare species and large cages with 1/2 inch bar spacing.
Parrot Gizmos
Manufacturer of the Parrot Papoose, Parrot Gazebo and Parrot Gazebo Jr.
Parrot Mountain Company
Home of the Famous Parrot Mountain Roller Skates! Books, videos, toys, and cages for pet parrots.
Parrot Phernalia
The "Parrot-Phernalia" line of products is dedicated to helping build a better relationship between owner an bird. We hope that one or more of our products will help do this for you. We continue to imagine, design, then market an ever growing variety of items. If you would like something and we don't have it, ask us if we can make it for you. Perches for the shower, car, table, play, etc.
Perma-Play Products
At Perma-Play Products, we engineer toys, swings, ladders, and perches that will provide your birds with the quality environment they deserve: ultra-safe, environmentally friendly, and easy to care for (they're even dishwasher safe!). Our products have earned the endorsement of leading avian veterinarians and research specialists across the nation. Equally important, they're applauded by delighted parrot owners whose "energetic" chewers have finally met their match!
Pet Bird Xpress
Bird Mail Order Catalog. Unique and extraordinary products for pet birds and their humans. Books, toys, jewelry, playpens, feed, travel carriers, cages, videos, grooming supplies, cleaning supplies, health airds, wearables, cage accessories, toy making parts and more!!
Pet Care Pharmacy
The Pet Care Pharmacy, a division of Bay Park Pharmacy, inc. can supply ALL your long term drugs, medicines, and supplies at discount prices to you, just as we have been doing for our local customers- and delivered to your door!
Pet Supplies R Us
Over 9000 items for your pets.
Pet Warehouse
World's Largest Pet Related Web Site! Books, cages, seeds, toys, treats & accessories for exotic birds.
Polly-Wanna Perches
Polly Wanna Perches offers your exotic bird a tropical jungle workout within your home. We incorporate materials with natural textures and shapes that are similar to tree branches into all of the perches. Avian exercise trees and gyms which give your pet birds exercise & are easily moved.
We manufacture bathing and lighting systems for birds. Our misting line currently consists of over 20 different systems which are made to simulate a bird's natural environment.
Prairie Feathers Aviary
Quality birds & bird Supplies. We carry Hagen Tropican bird food. Breeder, Maintenance & H&-feeding formulas Call, email or fax for price list. Colby, KS Phone: 913-462-8144 FAX: 913-462-2132.
Precision Weighing Balances
Avian/Ratite/Zoo/Veterinary - Precision Weighing Balances is experienced in serving the animal industries requiring quality scales and balances.
Pretty Bird
Birds should be beautiful. PRETTY BIRD supplies all the nutrition needed to promote beautiful feathers and a strong, healthy body. Watch for improvements in your bird's appearance and attitude.
Retco/Just Plain Toys
Just Plain Toys and products from the Rainbow Forest. Our goal is to share information on birds ... nutrition, cages, including layout and design, safe bird toys, play gyms, swings with toys, natural perches, all to help provide the best possible environment for your pet bird.
Roscoe Pet Supply Company
Specializing in quality bird toys, feed & supplies. Carol bird toys, OTT-Lite full spectrum bulbs, Polly-Wanna perch avian exercise trees, Crazy Corn products, LIXIT water bottles, Zupreem fruit blend & maintenance diets. MC, VISA, Discover accepted Phone: 888-476-7263.
Second Sun Lighting Company
Distributor of Ott-Lite full spectrum radiation shielded bulbs & fixtures. Nursery lights also available. Phone: 888-838-LITE.
SHOWERBIRD is an innovative and efficient method of bathing your bird without the hassle of a spray bottle. Many birds simply cannot get soaked enough using thetraditional spray bottle method. The human shower tends to scare birds and the water drops from a standard showerhead are too large and forceful. SHOWERBIRD provides a steady gentle mist that doesn't threaten the bird and the "whooshing" sound from SHOWERBIRD sounds like a gentle rain. This sound encourages bathing on an instinctive level.
Silvio Mattacchione & Co
OUR MISSION is to produce books and related products of high quality and distinctive character, to encourage appreciation of nature and the environment, to contribute to international caring and cooperation and through these to enrich human experience in an interdependent world.
Smart Bird Toys
All Toys feature Welded Chain - Quick-Links and Welded Rings on all Large Toys.
The Animal Kingdom Inc.
a full line of caging for your feathered friends, including Cal Cage, Avian Adventures, and Arrowhead Cage. Choose from a wide assortment of bird supplies including Kaytee, Ziegler, Roudybush, Lafeber, Zupreem, Sun Seed, Goldenfeast, Sweet Harvest, Pretty Bird, Carefresh and more! We also stock a huge variety of top-quality bird toys.
The Bird House
Your Source for Safe, Quality Bird Toys and Supplies. Our bird toys have been featured several times in Bird Talk Magazine editorials, always with favorable reviews. Safety and Quality standards have turned The BIRD HOUSE into a company that bird owners can trust, not only for bird toys, but bird foods, bird cages, bird-related gift items and bird supplies. Take a look at our catalog and you'll see what we mean!
Thee Birdie Bordello
Large range of safe pet bird toys.The Innovators in the Bird Toy Industry since 1989. The First to include color in the toys, toys made exclusively for Feather Pluckers. Toy Boxes, and Handhelds. Only the safest materials are used, Non Toxic Dyes, Vegetable Tanned Leather, Eucalyptus, Brass Welded Chain and Quick Links (Also available in Stainless Steel) on large toys. All bells are of the safest materials and in proportion to the size of the bird. All toys are Pre-Tested on our personal pets for a minimum of 4 weeks.
The Parrot Lady Avian Products
All Natural, Gourmet, Healthy Bird Food. Expensive? Yes! And worth it for the health and happiness of your very expensive birds. "The Parrot Lady" produces quality Hookbill products in small batches to insure freshness. "Parrot Lady" cares about the health of your birds. "Parrot Lady" bird foods are fresh, made in small batches just for you. "Parrot Lady" is free of artificial colors and cheap fillers, i.e.: sunflower seeds, cereals, dog and cat food, noodles, breadsticks etc. Why pay a premium for cheap fillers?
Three Sisters Designs
TsDesign aviaries are made from solid hardwoods and are made to last a life time. All nesting areas, light fixtures and ceilings are removable for ease in cleaning. Every aviary is manufactured with your birds health in mind.
Toys For Birds
We make the safest toys on the market today! All our toys are made from wood, sisal rope (natural unoiled grass rope), eye screws, quick links, rolled and sealed chains with a welded ring on the bottom. Vegetable dyes are used to color the wooden blocks and the rope. Vegetable tanned leather is used in all the leather styles.
Tropical Parrot Screen Saver
Tropical Parrot Screen Savers are an exciting new line of software created by professional bird photographer, Eric Ilasenko, who regularly shoots for leading bird publications such as BIRD TALK, BIRDS USA, and BIRD BREEDER. His work often appears on bird calendars and books as well.
Windmill Feed
Windmill Feed and Pet Supply is located in rural Minnesota, and services the commercial agricultural client as well as the individual animal or pet owner. With experience with virtually all types of animals and their needs, we are able to provide you with supplies and services which have proven successful and reliable. We normally ship orders U.P.S. and can provide quotes if you call or e-mail us with the specifics of what you require.




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