Books About Ferrets

To the best of my knowledge all books are available online at
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Ferret & Ferreting Handbook
James Mckay
Feb. 1994
ISBN# 1852237724

Complete Guide to Ferrets
James McKay
May 1995
ISBN# 1853104337

Biology and Diseases of the Ferret
James G. Fox
Jan. 1988
ISBN# 0812111397

Rumor has it that Dr. Fox will have an updated edition out sometime in August 1998

Ferrets, Rabbits & Rodents: Clinical Medicine and Surgery
Elizabeth V. Hillyer, Katherine E. Queensberry
Jan. 1996
ISBN# 0721640230

A Practical Guide to Ferret Care
Deborah Jeans
Aug. 1996
ISBN# 0964258919

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