T.C. Duck Soup

This makes 3 Pints

2 Cups food you normally feed

1 - 8oz can of Strawberry Sustacal

1 3/4 Cups Pedialyte

Mix all 3 together in a bowl and cover and store in the fridge over night. Pour contents of bowl in a food processor or blender, blend till smooth. Add each of the following ingredients one at a time blending between each one.

1 1/2 ml Liquid Tinic X4 (Pet Tinic is basically the same thing)

1/4 Cup Powdered Brewers Yeast (any health food store will have this, also available from Omaha Vaccine Company)

1 Can Science Diet AD (this you will have to get from your vets office)

1 Jar Lamb baby food (if you can not find lamb, chicken will do)

5 Echinacea capsules -empty the contents of capsules into mix (380mg each)

1/5-1/4 Tube of Nutrical (approx. 2 tablespoon)

1 TBL Ferretone

1/4 Cup Cranberry Juice

This combination of ingredients has done wonders for my ferrets and others in the past. It has a pleasant taste to a ferret and I have never had any problem getting any ferret to eat it. As long as you soak the food over night it blends smooth enough to easily move in and out of a syringe or feeding tube. The Echinacea also helps to boost the immune system. Try to use a natural cranberry juice without sugars/corn syrup added.

This recipe makes 3 pints. It can also be frozen. When I have a sick ferret I also give a small amount to the healthy ferrets as a treat, this way they are used to the taste. I recommend making a batch up and keeping it in the freezer so that you always have some on hand you never know when an emergency may hit!

[NOTE: I showed my vet about a dozen Duck Soup recipes, this is the one she chose. One of the technician's in her office is feeding this to her sick cat. ~~Ferret Luv~~]

Tricia Conley

Frisky Ferrets of Louisiana


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