This is I...
 Methos. Known as Death,
 from the Four Horsemen
 of the Apocolypse.
 I am over 5000 years old. 
 I have been around longer 
 than anyone can remember...
 including myself.
 I have had 68 wives 
 throughout my lifetime.
 Some of the marriages were 
 good...some weren't.
 You know how it goes.
 I would like you to 
 know that I am no 
 longer known as Death
 nor do i act like i used
 to.I was in exile from 
 the world for almost 
 2000 years. Everyone thought
 of Methos as a myth. But I
 am no myth...I am real.
 I have met some of the 
 wisest people in the world.
 Among these were people like
 Aristotle , Noah , Julius Caesar,
 and Cleopatra. 

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