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Intermediate Programs

These programs are greater in detail and the number of sets for each 
movement is shown.  Before using any of these routines, you should 
have at least a year of consistent training under your belt.

*** Before you attempt the following weight lifting programs, there is
one concept that has to be understood and that is Pyramiding.  This is
only done when there are multiple sets to be completed during one 
exercise.  The idea of pyramiding is when repetitions and weight are 
different for each set when doing a single movement.  The following is
a typical pyramid that I use for the bench press.

		Sets		Weight		Repetitions
		1		  135		  12
		2		  205		  10
		3		  245		   8
		4		  275		   6

As you can see, the weight increases with each set and the repetitions
decrease.  This allows an optimal warm-up before lifting a heavy 
weight in the final set and also allows the person to exercise with 
greater weight because the repetitions are decreased.

The 3 Day Routine

This routine is an introduction to the body building world. Day 1 Day 2 Exercise Sets Exercise Sets Flat Bench Press 5 Squat or Leg Press 5 Flat Dumbell Fly 3 Leg Extension 3 Tricep Pressdown 3 Leg Curl 4 One Arm Tri Extension 3 Calf Raise 4 Barbell Curl 3 Crunch (20 reps) 3 Alternating Dumbell Curl 3 Reverse Crunch (20) 3 Day 3 Exercise Sets Wide Grip Lat. Pulldown 4 Dumbell Row 3 Shoulder Press (Dumbell or Barbell) 4 Side Lateral Raise (Dumbell) 3 Upright Row (Barbell) 3 Comments - This type of work out could be completed in three consecutive days during a weeks time or you could take a days rest in between. M - W - F. * If you would like to work out fours days a week, follow this split: Mon. = Day 1, Tues. = Day 2, Wed = Day 3, Thur = Rest, Fri. = Repeat Keep the repetition range between 8 - 12. With the Bench Press and Squat you could do less reps to lift heavier weight, but do not go below 4 reps. Rest at least one minute between sets. Do your aerobic work after the weight training. Strength and muscle size are the main goals. 20 minutes of biking is ideal.

Power Routine

Four days a week, each muscle group will be trained twice a week. This routine is an extension of the beginners 2 day routine. Monday & Thursday Tuesday & Friday Flat Bench Press Squat Flat Dumbell Press Leg Extension Shoulder Press Stiff Leg Dead Lift Upright Rows Leg Curl Lying Tri. Ext. Lat. Pulldown Barbell Curl Bent Over Row Calf Raise Comments: To use this work out program, you should have at least one year of weight training experience. Since you are exercising each muscle twice a week you will see an increase in size and strength. This program is very demanding, therefore it is recommended not to stay in the program for more than a months time. The number of sets for each exercise will vary for the work out. When exercising larger muscles (chest & legs), 4 to 5 sets should be completed. The smaller muscles groups will only need 2 or 3 sets to get the job done. The repetitions should stay on the low end (8 - 10), because you want to lift heavier weight. Rest at least one minute between each set.

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