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Practical Suggestions

When exercising with weights, start with largest muscle group first. Finish a movement for each muscle group before going onto the next. You can start the workout with your weakest muscle group (smallest in stature) first to exercise it harder (called the priority principle). The rest period between sets will help dictate the type of weight training. For example, a short rest period leads to a more aerobic/conditioning work out, and a longer rest period is geared to strength training and muscle mass development. When a client or fellow worker approaches me for advice because they are at a sticking point, I find out what they have been doing and then just have them do the opposite. If someone is doing one a set to failure discipline, I will have them do multiple sets. If they always use free weights, I have them use machines and vice versa. Our bodies adapt efficiently, so changing your routine is necessary to make continous progress. Every successive time you use a given program or training technique, it becomes less effective, with each exposure to it, your body gets better at figuring it out. This observation supports that the more advanced weight lifters need more variation in their training than beginners.

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