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"I have helped clients train for their contest anywhere from 3 months to a full year in advance. I like to break down the time frame systemically to make the experience natural and less stressful." IFPA Natural Pro - Joe Franco

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Team Franco

Posing Classes

Team Franco Posing Classes

Next Class, Sunday Sept. 16th - 12noon, Cornerstone Health & Fitness, Bucks County, Pa. More info....

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Training Philosophy

My training philosophy for contest training and preparation deals with two factors.

First, the intensity of workouts must be there to reach your goals.

Second, you have to take an intelligent approach to your training and contest preparation.

During our time together, I will cover:

The entire contest prep can be stressful, it is my job is to make it as easy and a great experience for you. The best supplement is proper instruction.

Please email Team Franco or call me at 215-962-5804 for more information.

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