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              Hello and Welcome to my page!! My name is Lee-Anne, I'm 17 and I
                 live in Toronto. I'm not freaky despite the title of my page, although

                 some of my friends think that I come from Mars or something!!!!
                 Anyways, I've decided to make a page about my favourite things..... (UPDATED!!!!!!!!I've changed obsessions!!!!!)Leonardo Dicaprio, ANDREW KEEGAN, Brian Littrel, James Marsden, Ben Affleck and Daniel Johns just to name a few! But really, my page will include other things as well,
              I promise!!
              (My Pic)



                  There are only two words to describe Andrew Keegan: Hubba Hubba!!
                                      If only he went to my school*sigh*
Andrew is currently filming a new movie called "Ten Things I Hate About You" it's an adaptation of Taming of the Shrew I believe......there's also been rumors about Andrew dating country singer LeAnn Rimes, which is totally untrue!!!!! Just though you'd like to know!!!!!!
                    Anyways, check out more Andrew Keegan in my Picture Gallery

  Romeo, Oh Romeo...........
Gorgeous, simply Gorgeous!!!!!
I'm sure that just about every girl in North America has seen Titanic,( I have mine ordered already!!!!!!!) but if your looking for a Leo movie to rent, DO NOT RENT,  and I repeat, DO NOT RENT Total Eclipse, you'll thank me later, believe me!!!!!
You can also check him out  in my Picture Gallery

    Ok, one of my absolute favourite bands is silverchair (notice no capital s!!!)
I am like total obsessed with them, opps I mean I really enjoy listening to their music with friends....(hehehe, j/k)
Anyways, if anyone who visits my site has ever met them or knows someone who has ever met them or has even seen them live or at HMV  please e-mail me!!!!!!!!!
(It would be greatly appreciated!!!!!) And like no jokes ok, I'm emotionally vunerable when it comes to silverchair.

                                             Daniel                Chris                Ben
                My favourite is Daniel..........how could you ever guess?!?!?!?! IT'S TRUE!!!!!!!! DANIEL JOHNS HAS CUT HIS DREADS OFF!!!!! I know, THE HUMANITY!!! but it's ok, it doesn't look so bad, and it's hair, it'll grow!!!!Well nothing new yet, the earliest that we'll hear or see anything from the wonderful silverchair will be early next year.....*sigh*...oh well.....I can wait..

Here are some of my Favourite Links:

Official silverchair site (tons of Info and updated regularly)

If you are majorly obssesed with Titanic and want every picture from the movie go here
Da Klutz's Korner
This site has a pretty good Leo pics
Leo Pics
Let's not forget about Dawson's Creek
Dawson's Creek homepage

This is a great Andrew Keegan picture site, also there are links to other celeb pics
Andrew Keegan pics page

This is my friend Naomi's site
Naomi's Web Site

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E-mail: sweet_tart@hotmail.com
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