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Some Good Treksmut

Mmmm.....Fred love Treksmut. Especially when it's served up by some of my favourite writers. Haven't found all the links I want, so if you have a link you think the Fredster'd be interested in, e-mail me!

Invicta's Stories - man this dudette has an active imagination! And she knows her lingerie, if you get my meaning! Her Cardies are as sexy, scaly and scary as they cum!

Belynda's Fan Fiction Page - This lady is to Harry Kim as I am to Wesley -- a definite lover of the man's ASS! This Harry definitely loves life -- and his commanding officer!

NovaD's Mistress Janeway cracks the whip and we obey! This gal's got more than just attitude and she isn't afraid to let it all out!

More Good Treksmut (and other things)
from Buddies of Mine

Mark Stanley's Page shows us why Cardies really sing the blues! Good on yer, Mark!

Cardassia Sutra is where I got my first taste o' G/B. Heather, my love, you G/B writers have the filthiest minds on the Net! YEEEE-HAAAA!

Evacuee Sanctum - more stories about Elim and his little studmuffin Jules.

Watson the Dog - alright, it ain't Treksmut. It ain't smutty at all, at least not fer me. Me, I like 'em humanoid, male, all grown up, hung like a battleship, hard, wet, throbbing, bent over a chair by a passion mad Riker.....where was I? Oh yeah. Charlene's one of my buddies from the fuh-q group. A little too straight-laced fer my personal taste, a little too polite....but I guess that's whatcha get when yer Canadian. Anyway, this is her dog, and since I like dogs there ya go.

Treksmut Archives

Now I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that every story in the archives is a masterpiece. Personally I don't get off on some of the pairings, but whatever floats yer boat, as the lady says. Believe it or not, some of the people who e-mail me 'bout my stories tell me they don't even like Wesley!!! Sheeee-it, what's there not to love?

TrekSmut University - now I didn't get my B.Ed. there, but I wish I had -- I bet the neighborhood'd be damn proud of me!

The ASCEM(L) Archive If it's been posted to ASCEM(L), it'll probably show up here. Altho it takes a while, which is why you don't see any of the Fredster's work there yet. Keep lookin'!

Other Great Fanfic I HIGHLY Recommend

The Nifty Erotic Fiction Site Be sure to check out the heavy male-on-male action in Jughead Comes Out!!! Whooo-boy!

Gila's Adult Fan Fiction - now here's someone who knows how to appreciate both Bo Duke and the Boy Wonder! Hmmm....mebbe I should think about a Dukes of Hazzard crossover...oh yeah.....bend over Luke, lemme check your tire pressure.....

More to come soon!

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