Fred's Stories

As I said before, I don't have any of my old K/S up yet. Y'know, I wrote it so long ago I used a manual typewriter to knock together the final drafts! Someday I'll find the old copies and set 'em up on the page. Until then, enjoy what I've written recently and posted to ASCEM. All stories are rated NC-17 for lotsa ass-splittin hot 'n' horny man-on-man lovin' (except Kisses in the Rain, which isn't).

Afterglow I get it on with a member of the Deep Space Nine crew. WHOOO-EEE!

Awakening Desires Wesley shows Riker he's not a kid any more -- and thank God for that: I'm not into that pedofeelia NAMBLA shit. I like my Wesley ALL MAN!

In the Closet? Garak and Bashir get trapped and gotta improvise....a little mild BDSM here, enjoy!!!!

Blast from the Past Some hard and heavy action from Capt. James Tomcat Kirk blows a lot more than Spock's mind. But what's that Vulcan really up to?

Kisses in the Rain - the Courtship Harry Kim and Tom Paris fall in love and decide to take the plunge. Which way does Tom dress, anyway?

Kisses in the Rain - the Wedding It's a nice day for a white wedding day, but first there's the bachelor party! Break out the beefcake! WHOOOOOOOOO!

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