Up And Personal With
          A.J. McLean

Full Name: Alexander James McLean
Nicknames: Mr. Cool, Bone
Birth Date: January 8, 1978
Starsign: Capricorn
Birth Place: West Palm Beach, Florida
Family: Mum Denise, and dad Bob. They divorced when AJ was 4
Pets:A Dachshund named Toby Wan Kanobi
Age: 18
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Fave Color: Purple
Fave Food: McDonalds' Quarter pounders !
Fave Drink: Mountain Dew
Fave Movie: Pulp Fiction
Fave Movie Star: Dustin Hoffman
Fave actresses: Geena Davis, and Jodie Foster
Fave TV Show: Seinfield
Fave Book: Witches
Fave Smell: CK One
Fave Music: Boyz II Men, Silk and the Blues
Fave BSB songs: Nobody But You, I Wanna Be With You
Hobbies: Dancing, writing poetry, basketball, shooting pool
School Subject: English
First Album Bought: Michael Jackson’s Thriller
Motto: Music is universal!
Ambition: To be successsful
Musical instruments: Knows how to play the saxophone
Sports: Basketball, Volleyball

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