Up Close And Personal with
            BRIAN  LITTRELL

Full Name: Brian Thomas Littrell
Nicknames: B-Rok, Mr. Joker, Frick, Seaver
Birthdate: February 20, 1975
Age: 22
Starsign: Pisces
Birth Place: Lexington Kentucky
Family: Dad ( Harold ), Mom ( Jackie ), Brother ( Harold )
Pets: A cat called Missy
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Fave Color: Midnight Blue and Forest Green
Fave Food: Macaroni and Cheese and  Cheese Pizza
Fave Drink: Iced tea
Fave Movie: Ace Ventura-Pet Detective and School Ties
Fave Movie Star: Jim Carrey
Fave Actresses: Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg
Favorite TV Show: Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Fave Book: Star Wars
Fave Music: Boyz ll men, Bobby Brown, Blackstreet,Shai and Jodeci
Fave perfume: Safari
Fave Music: Boyz II Men, Blackstreet, Shai and Jodeci
Fave BSB Songs: I'll Never Break Your Heart, Let's Have A Party, Don't Leave Me
Hobbies: Swimming, basketball, collecting sports shoes, and going to the movies,
Weight lifting and listening to music
Musical Instruments: Plays the trumpet
Sports: Basketball, Golf


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