Concert Reviews

Well ever since BSB started I have liked them but only last year have they just started to do concerts here in Canada and since the first BSB concert here I have been to (in total)
about 6.

But I am only going to write about my last concert which was on August 22/98, BSB had held to concerts that day one at 2:30pm and the other at 8:00pm. Me and Kat had bought the 8:00pm show thinking there won't be as many little kids and you could see the fire crackers.
Well my friend suggested that we go at 2:00pm and go to the amusement parks as we wait for the 8:00 show, but before we actually decided we wanted to go to the EX we saw
DJ Kenny B from Energy 108 so we started to talk to him (for the longest time, because he was cute as my friend would say) then realized it was 2:30pm so my friend stayed to hear the other concert (but she couldn't) so we waited and then we found some people selling tickets to the 2:30 show.....we asked how much he said $50 but I can lower it down to $40 and we said what seats he said lawn so we said Forget it...then we waited a little more when another person came up to us and asked if we'd like to buy tickets we asked what seats and how much....and he said Lawn and for $20, so we said sure....(the concert hadn't gone on very long) So we went in watched them in Concert and then near the end about 4 songs from the finish AJ disappeared we were like "WHERE IS AJ????" When the showed ended we went to a place to sit for a tiny bit (it was about 4:30pm) before we went to the EX, but we were still tired so we waited and waited and waited and before we knew it, it was 7:30!!! So much for the Ex I said! When we got to the concert Solid Harmonie was performing so we sang to the songs then Aaron Carter Came On (I was like Yahoo)!!!! We did hear that Jimmy Ray was performing but he didn't, oh well. We N E Way, when BSB started the announced AJ pulled a musle in his leg and couldent perform, and I thought poor AJ, then they came was the most awsome experiance!!!! There was Nick so sexy looking then he took of his shirt except his under-shirt was still on (it's ok I have lots of pictures/pin-ups of nick without his shirt on or under shirt)! So I took 48 pictures that day the music was great the guys were the best ever and Nick wa wonderful.....3 Giant Tv Screens and loads of fire works......Theres way to much for me to write so I'll stop write now..SSSTTTOOOPPP!

By Kit

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