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July 21, 1999
They all have gf's some I've heard of some I don't know of:
Brian Littrell - A girl from 2 of their videos
Nick Carter - I have no clue who she is but he has one
AJ McLean - A girl from a music group.. I don't know or don't care to know about her group
Kevin Richardson - well I don't know if he has someone
Howie Dorough - It's either Honeyz or another english singer
(Please don't e-mail me about this)

September 12, 1998
Very Sad news for BSB and Howies Family......a week ago from this date Howies sister died of a disease called Lupus. Heres What Howie has to say:
A Message From Howie D.
Regarding the recent passing of my sister, Caroline Cochran.

The outpouring of emotion and sympathy I have received from the fans and the media has been overwhelming. Caroline was only 37 when she lost her battle with the disease called Lupus. This disease effects the immune system, often striking young people like my sister, in their prime.

I would request that instead of sending card and gifts in memory of my sister, a donation could be made to the fund I have established in her name. This donation would help towards the research of Lupus with hope a cure could be found, and no family would have to suffer a loss such as ours.

You can send any donations to:

Caroline Cochran- Lupus Fund at Florida Hospital
c/o Florida Hospital Foundation
616 E. Rollins St.
Suite 103
Orlando, FL 32803

Thank you.

Howie D. of the Backstreet Boys

August 31, 1998
BAD NEWS (not really about BSB):
We all know the producer for BSB (and other great artists ie. Ace of Base, 5ive,  and much more) Denniz PoP. Yesturday August 30/98 Denniz PoP died of cancer.....We all will remeber him as one of the greatest music producers ever....hopefully his memery will go on! He was only 35. :o(

August 24, 1998
As you all might not no yet who are going to see BSB in concert soon ...or whoever loves AJ, On August 22/98 when BSB did two concerts one at 2:30 and at 8:00. AJ at the 2:30 show (at the end) pulled a muscle in his leg and couldent do the rest of that show and the 8pm show...he had to be sent to the hospital...the next day Aj was seen leaving the hospital in a wheel chair and in pain, So he won't be able tp perform several shows till his leg returns to normal again! (Lucky I saw the first Concert and as well as the 8pm show, so I got to see AJ)!

July 12th, 1998
As we all know Brian had heart surgery and he passed with flying colors
Brian thanks all the fans for all the cards and letters that he got and says he would really appriciate if the fans would send donations to this address down below. The donations will be used for children who have heart defects.

In lieu of cards or letters, fans are encouraged to make donations
Brian Littrell Endowment
P.O. Box 8490
Lexington, KY  40533

July 11th, 1998
I was watching a interview the other day with Rick The Temp (from Muchmusic) and the Backstreet Boys (filmed July 8, 1998) and they were talking about Brians Surgery and we all know AJ has 3 tattoos:
(2 shown so far I will put the other one up in a little while):

(the other one is a snake on his sholder blade)
Well anyway I was watching the interview when I noticed AJ had this long line down his are (black+bold) and when it got closer it was half of a long tattoo wraped around his arm!! the other half was under his shirt (he kept on trying to hide it, so his mum may not know)!!!!!! What it looked like was what            LL Cool J has you know that microphone!  So if I'm mistaken' for a fake one or if someone really knows what that is e-mail me!!!!

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