"I pity da poor fool who don't checkout these links!"

Sockii's A-Team Homepage- THE BEST A-Team web page on the 'Net! A Must see.

Fighting Nighthawks Homepage- A whole page dedicated to the Nighthawk Commandos. You can even join them!

The A-Team on the Web - Jasper's A-Team Homepage, lots of great stuff! Everything from sounds, to The Chinese Laundry Shop!

The A-Team - A neat page with a chat room, sound files and more!

Amy's A-Team Homepage - Lots of info on the A-Team fan society in Germany!

A-Team Homepage - A French A-Team homepage!

The Best A-Team Character, Is Who? - Vote for your favorite A-Team member!

Hannibal's A-Team Hideaway - Nice! A good A-Team site.

Andrew and Marc's A-Team Page - An interesting site with pix and info.

MobilZ1's A-Team Homepage - A nifty little A-Team site!

The A-Team - Music, pix, and an episode guide.

This is Mr.T's K-Rad HomePage, Fool! -If you like Mr. T, you're gonna love it!

A-Team A-Team B-Team - Good page.

HM "Howling Mad" Murdock - Nice character description, by Liz Meinhert... just maybe not exactly the one you were expecting...

Mr.T Quote of the Week - A funny page with bobbing T heads!

The Mr.T Fan Club - Nice Mr.T page.

Korwedge's A-Team Site- A very nice A-Team site with information on A-Team merchandise, as well as plenty of images and wavs.

The A-Team - A flattering description of our favorite Team!

A-Team Diablo Guild Page - Game characters, but nice pix of our guys!

Mr. T - The Man, The Hero, The Legend- This is a surperb page about, you guessed it, the unforgettable Mr. T!

Dennis' A-Team Web Page - Another fan site.

Cannell Connection - Stephen J Cannell Information and Resources.

If you have an A-Team related web page, let me know and I'll add it to the list! PLEASE let me know
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