The A-Team Van Revealed!

Many of my visitors have been requesting information about the A-Team van. I am no expert on vehicles, so I had basically no info on the van. Recently, a very nice young man e-mailed me and gave me a detailed description of the Team's ride, and it is here for you to read. Enjoy!

The van is a 1983 G-series customized by Universal Studios Prop Dept. The engine is a 350 cid with minor modifications done mainly the carburator and exhaust system. The wheels are turbine style 15" painted black with red accents with P235/65 15-front and P 275/65 15-rear. The main color is semi-gloss black-bottom, semi gloss dark gun metal grey metal flake-top with red striping. Other mod's include- quad headlight conversion, full front brushbar, fog/driving lights, exterior sun visor, quad square exhaust tips (each side in front of rear wheels), and custom made rear wing. Interior was custom-white naugahide bucket seats, shag carpet, and custom gun case in the back (Guns were Ruger Mini 14 stainless steel ranch model with side eject and paratrooper folding stocks-two were modified for full automatic). If you look carefully you'll see 3M grip tape all over the roof for scene's where stuntmen jumped onto it. It also had beefy shocks-air shocks in the rear-to improve handling. Scene's where it burns out were done by spraying bleach in front of and onto the rear tires which creates billowing grey smoke and helps it to spin the tires (it was'nt that powerfull, acheiving burnouts on pavement were difficult without help). The van (one of the six used for the show during its run), still sits-rotting on the Universal Back Lot-tires flat, paint faded, for tram tourists to photo-too bad.

A little tid bit-rumors have it that the show lost its GMC sponsorship when they removed the GMC name from the van completely during the last season. The rest of the time it was on the left rear door but was barely visible as they sprayed a light coat of the black paint over it so it wouldn't stand out so much.