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Welcome! My name is Charity. I have a wonderful husband, two daughters, TXBlue and Birdie, and six beautiful grand children, 13),(12),(12),(9),(3), and (1). They are all precious of  course

I would like to share with you my testimony of how that I came to trust Jesus as my personal savior. I was a single parent and on drugs. I already belonged to the Lord because I had obeyed his call and was baptized at age 15. Because of lack of spiritual influence from home or church I didn't stay close to God and made lots of bad choices. At age 23, I was divorcing my first husband and afraid and alone, with no means of support. I found a new identity. I became a hippie. Drugs became my way of life. All of my friends were either users or dealers. I had found something I was really good at. I could out smoke, out shoot, out pop, out party the best. This kind of abuse is only fun for so long, and then you become a burned out depressed, despairing individual with no life and no hope for one.

But, there is a God. And He never quit talking to me, no matter how bad it got, or I got. He was using this time of desolation in my life to plant seeds that would bring me back to Him. At the age of 28, because of a hunger God gave me, I surrendered my life to Him. I was instantly set free from drug addiction and bad language. I began to attend a small non - denominational church and within weeks was baptized again in water. This time with more understanding. I was also baptized in the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of receiving my own prayer language, (speaking in tongues.) This  experience enabled me to feel the presence of God in a way I can't describe by human words.

God also revealed Himself to 
me through the bible, the written Word of God. He showed me that He is  willing to open up the real meaning of scripture by revelation knowledge by the Holy Spirit. He was no longer just words on paper.  He was ALIVE.

I am not saying I became perfect. I am saying I became forgiven. I  became like a new person with a  new heart and a new life. I was born again. Did I ever make wrong choices again? Yes, I did. But, now with a difference. Now, when I failed, I only had to turn to Jesus, confess my sin and He was right there to pick me up and point me in the right direction.

I would like to say thank you Lord, Praise Your Holy Name!

Salvation is 
your free gift here.


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