Escaflowne Bishounen


Allen is the playboy on Escaflowne. He is a knight and has lots of girls falling for him. But he also has an illegitimate son. Allen can be romantic and chivalrous at times, and he is the best looking guy on the show, but he's also full of himself and is too overprotective. I'm not really sure what my opinion is on him.


I think Folken is my favorite character on the show. But I'm not really sure. I'm having a hard time choosing which one is my favorite. Folken is Van's brother who deserted his country. He's with Zaibach now. He has one mechanical arm and his wings(he's a descendent of Atlantis-a Draconian) are black. I think he's really cool looking with his wings and the purple marks on his eyes and the tear on his cheek. He's one of those half bad, half good guys, which happen to be my favorite kind of character. :)


Van is the king of Fanelia. He has Escaflowne, the mecha which can transform into a dragon. I don't have much of an opinion on Van. He's not very cheerful. But he's a good person.


Diladau is cool. He's crazy and he loves fighting and burning things. *SPOILERS* He also is Allen's little sister Celena. She was kidnapped by Zaibach and had a sex-change operation.


Dryden is a cool guy. I like his laid-back attitude. He is the opposite of Allen, who is uptight and cares about appearances too much. Dryden is a nice guy too. I felt sorry for him when *SPOILERS* Millerna left him.

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