Gundam Wing Bishounen


Duo is my favorite character on Gundam Wing. He's so cute and cheerful and funny. But he also has his Shinigami/God of Death identity, which is really cool too.


Quatre is my 2nd favorite pilot on GW. He's the sweetest one. He really hates fighting and he's really cute. It was cool when he went crazy.


Heero is a little too cold and lacking personality for me. I don't understand why Relena likes him so much, especially since she hardly even talked to him. And I don't know how Heero suddenly fell in love with Relena either. But he looks really good in spandex. ^_^


Trowa is kinda emotionless too, but in a cool way. I love the irony of him wearing the clown costume. He's a good person too.


Zechs is one of those cool half good, half bad characters. He's also the best looking character on the show, in my opinion. ^_^ Of course, only if he doesn't have that stupid Birdman helmet on. And I love Koyasu Takehito's voice!


Treize has very interesting theories about war. I don't really understand them, but he has a romantic view of war. I think St. Une and him make a good couple.

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