Himura Kenshin is such an awesome guy. His character is really cool. Former hitokiri, a ruthless killer, who completely changes, gives up killing, and now uses his sword to protect people. He is so self-sacrificial, so considerate, how can you not love him? Then there's the Battousai side of him. Extremely cool. It's so awesome watching Kenshin fight. Hiten Mitsugi Ryu is so cool. I don't think there's anything about Kenshin I don't like. It's impossible not to like him. And of course, he's pretty good looking too, but there's so much more to him than that.


And here's the other RK Bishounen, Sagara Sanosuke! Sanosuke used to be a part of the Sekihoutai and after that was the gangster Zanza. He used a huge sword called a Zanbatou. He fought with Kenshin because Kenshin had been part of the Ishin Shishi(who betrayed the Seikotai). Kenshin beat him, and Sano then understood Kenshin and became his friend. But he didn't take the kanji "aku" off of his shirt because he said he hadn't lost his bad-ass attitude. Sanosuke's a cool guy. He loves to fight and will stand up for his friends. He is like Kenshin because he gave up his past, however not as completely as Kenshin did.

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