If you are a Broadway fan, please don't take offense at this

In my opinion, Broadway is the worst character on Gargoyles. He's supposed to be the comic relief of the show. Gargoyles isn't about comedy. And his lines aren't funny. They're stupid. He's just a fat, stupid, illiterate tub of lard. All of the episodes based on him are really bad: The Silver Falcon, Protection. I hate Dracon, too. Broadway has no personality except that he eats a lot and likes gangster movies. I hate it when he quotes movies! "You messed with my parter." Yuck. He has nothing cool about him.

Oddly, I'm not upset about Broadway and Angela's relationship. They make a nice couple. They both are happy little gargoyles. Brooklyn is more intense than them. I'm sure he'll find someone eventually. Angela and him just didn't work.


Maybe there's hope!

Yes! I love this scene! My friend and I watched it in slow motion.

He is SO irresponsible!

Just look at that dumb-looking face.

Here he is dropping Elisa into a pit.

Here's Broadway shaking Elisa!

He'll literally eat anything!

"All of nature trembles at my passing!"
"I can see why."

No, that's a normal mirror.

Lardboy Quotes!

Here is a collection of quotes from Gargoyles which I think attest to Broadway's uncoolness.

"These are great! You should try some."
"We would have, if you hadn't eaten the entire cartful."
Broadway and Brooklyn-Awakenings III

"Wish I had time for a snack."
"You just ate!"
"Chinese food. It was good, too. But for some reason about an hour later I was hungry again."
Broadway and Lexington-Awakenings V

"Let's go pilgrim, and don't forget the horse."
Broadway-Deadly Force

"Elisa's right. We're sitting dorks here."
"Ducks, Broadway, ducks!"
Broadway and Elisa-Enter Macbeth

"Right, I'm just a big dumb gargoyle with his brains in his stomach."
"I couldn't have said it better."
Broadway and Brooklyn-Her Brother's Keeper

"This thing looks like a flying junkpile."
"Yeah, I suppose if you designed it, it'd be covered with food."
Broadway and Lex-Her Brother's Keeper

"When your life is this exciting, who needs books?"
Broadway-Lighthouse in the Sea of Time

"Why stare at marks on a page when you can rent the video?"
Broadway-Lighthouse in the Sea of Time

"No! They are magic. But you can't burn them, Goliath. You can't! It's Merlin's life, in his own words. When you read them, they take you there. It is magic, Goliath, precious magic."
Broadway-Lighthouse in the Sea of Time

Results of a Survey from the Temple of the Trio

If you had to get rid of one of the trio (God forbid), which one would it be?
-Brooklyn, 6; Broadway, 12; Lexington, 2; None of them, 9
Now, now! Don't get angry. I wasn't even expecting the "None of them" choice so you can't blame me for not putting it in the survey!!! Still, I wanted to stick with the trio responses, and I have to admit I don't know who I wanted to leave either! (Score one for "None" again ;) Sadly, it comes down to this: Broadway was just too...dull. If he had bigger roles and more plotlines, he may have been a cooler character.However, some people, like the six who voted for Brooklyn, probably thought he was too flashy and all that. Lex was just too good, I guess...only two people picked him!
Temple of the Trio

Again, I want to say that I hope I didn't offend anyone. These are just my