Sailor Moon Bishounen

Hi! Welcome to my Sailor Moon Bishounen page. Sailor Moon has a lot of cool villains, including my personal favorite: Nephrite. He has his own shrine. The others are listed below. But don't worry, you won't be forced to look at any Tuxedo Kamen pictures on this page. Tuxedo Kamen is such a dork! Those roses are useless, and his corny speeches-yuck! Anyway, here they are - The Bishounen of Sailor Moon!

Dark Kingdom!


Jadeite didn't have much of a character, but I think he had potential. If he had had more episodes, he could've been a very cool character. He's the only general that didn't die. He was just frozen inside a crystal. Jeddy was also very kawaii! Very cute blonde hair and blue eyes!


Kunzite is very cool. He's the most powerful general. I felt really bad for him when Zoisite died. Again, it was neat how he could love Zoisite and be evil at the same time. All the other villains who fell in love became good, but he and Zoisite were different.


Saffir was a part of the Black Moon and was Demando's brother. He wasn't really a villian, because I think he had a good heart the whole time. But he was completely converted to good in his last episode, right before he died (of course). He was in love with Petz.

That's all for Sailor Moon, but go back to the main page to check out more guys from other animes!