Magic Knight Rayearth Bishounen


I love you, Eagle-sama! "Eagle is such a wonderful person!" (Hikaru, Rayearth 2 Volume 3 Manga). I agree with her! Eagle is so sweet, and cool. And such a deep character. I love his relationship with Lantis. Eagle is my favorite character in Rayearth. He can be very kawaii at times, but when he's sets his mind to something he's very serious. He's so friendly and polite too. He's just a great person! And of course, he's a lovely bishounen! :)


Lantis is very kakkoi. On the outside he seems really cold and distant, but Hikaru can bring out his wonderful personality. Lantis and Eagle are very close ;), and I really like their relationship. Hikaru and Lantis are a cute couple too! Lantis is also very hot!

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