This page is dedicated to Kiryuu Touga and Saionji Kyouichi of Utena. Sure, they don't have the greatest personalities, but that's okay! Actually, Saionji was the reason I started watching Shoujo Kakumei Utena. But anyway enough with the introduction, on to the shrines.

Touga...He's way hot but I like Saionji better. :) Touga is the president of the student council. He's got an awesome body, and I love his hair. His smirks are so cute too! It's very easy to fall for him. He's very charming and romantic. :) He can be so cruel sometimes, especially at the beginning of the show. But towards the end of the series I started to like him a lot better. He showed he actually had a heart. Here are some pictures of him.

And here's Saionji, the vice president of the student council and captain of the kendo team. He also looks a lot like Nephrite from Sailor Moon. :) A lot of people don't like Saionji, so I feel sorry for him. He's not that bad of a guy. I'm sure he has good reasons for acting the way he does. I think he just needs someone to love him. The reason he's so mean to Anshi is because he's trying to make her love him. He's obviously not doing it the right way. Saionji is searching for something eternal, like eternal companionship. But his relationship with Touga has fallen apart, so he's become bitter. Poor Saionji-sama just needs someone to love him. But how can anyone hate someone this gorgeous? Here are some more pictures of him.

Akio is very sexy, but he's so evil. But he gets a place on this page because he's so hot. Anyway, here's Akio:


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