Weiß Kreuz Bishounen

Weiß Kreuz is a really cool anime about these four assassins who also happen to be bishounen, and work at a flower shop. Well, it's a lot better than this description makes it sound. I definately recommend it!


I love Youji-kun, he's so kawaii! He's a playboy, but he's just irresistable! The way he acts is just adorable. He's so flirtacious and charming and funny. ^_^ He's really nice to girls, especially if they're over 18. ^_^;;; He used to be a detective before he joined Weiß, and was traumatized when he saw his partner Asuka killed before his eyes. I think he playboy act is just a cover up for his depression about Asuka's death. His weapon is wire,(definately not as cool as a katana). Youji has a unique sense of fashion. I know his midriff shirts are girly, but they look so good on him! ^_^ I like his hair and his earring too. And he always has sunglasses on. Anyway, if you couldn't tell, Youji is my favorite Weiss character.


Aya's my second favorite. He's really cool and he has a katana, and he's really hot too! But he's just so cold and unemotional and he never smiles. I know he has reasons, but he's just too grumpy!


Ken's a nice guy, but he doesn't have anything outstandingly cool about him. His weapon is a claw glove thing (like Wolverine has). He likes soccer and children. Here's some pictures of him.


I'm sorry but I don't like Omi that much. He annoys me. He's too genki all the time, and he looks a girl.