The ever-present nonsensical nonsense and tomfoolery of the world hath taken over my humble brian along with a hotdog with bun every Friday! Hahahaha! You are probobly all a bunch of cabbages and normals who have no idea what discordia is! Well...if you must know, heres a hint, courtesy of the Principia Discordia. On this page can be found the the unOfficial nonWebsite of the Discordian Kabal of El Kabong, a.k.a. the El Kabong Kabal, Leftist Writings, RanDoMNnesS, etc. To see some of my grafix, click here: Holey Chou! Wholly Cow! Enjoy your stay; you might learn something! Or not.


Spooon! Right is Wrong! Hail Eris! Kallisti!

-Emperor Norton Approved


Kontakt-Click to email me. My icq # is 40210065
Discordia FAQ-About discordia
El Kabong Kabal FAQ-About my discordian kabal
Illumination-Clues to enlightenment
LEFTISM-Radical politix
RanDoMNesS-Just what it says, in it's purest form
Bookmarx -3 years worth of bookmarx

Discordian holey name:
Rev. Konfourmist Sporkman
Episkipos Wazubibo the Unfortunate
Pope Euqsap Fenderson Yrag
Saint Tim the Enchanter VI
Co-founder of the Leftist Manifesto
Polyfather of Won Phish Too Phish Read Phish Blew Phish Kabal
High Priest of the El Kabong Kabal
Chousist of the Highest Discord
House of the Rising Podge
Official Newt Excommunicator
Sniveling Little Rat-Faced Git
Emperor of the State of Confusion and Protector of Canadia