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The history:

A few years ago - around the time of the '98 Olympics - I spent a year digging up skating news articles and posting them to a now-defunct skating news web site. At the time I was working from home and had lots o' time to look for articles and post them to the site. Then, in the summer of '98, my husband and I moved to the beautiful Valley of the Sun and I decided to get a "real" (read: get dressed and go to work) job.

So, since I could no longer maintain the web site I created this list so that a group of us could all work together to look for news and share the links with one another. The idea was that if every week or so each of us shared a few links, we'd all stay informed. It's worked out rather well with the exception of a few months when I did nothing to help this list while changing jobs.

Now I have four interns to help me at work and a little time to search for articles a few times a week.

So - if you have an interest in competitive figure skating and a few minutes to spare to search for news from time to time, go ahead and sign up! After you sign up, read our very simple rules below....

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  • NEVER use this list to sell things - even skating-related items....NEVER EVER!
  • Please note that this list is for only SKATING news. Any news related to the sport of skating or its athletes is fine.
  • Please be careful of spoilers. Instead of posting a spoiler headline, say something like "World's ladies spoiler article." 36 hours is plenty of time after an event has been televised to stop giving spoiler warnings. However, if you aren't sure if it's going to be televised - play it safe with a spoiler headline anyway.
  • Please post only headlines and URLs. In the rare case that an article will be archived by a site and no longer available after a short period of time, you may post a full article along with its URL. I think that it's a good practice to send these as seperate messages. Please post these only in plain text. Be kind to those with slower connections!
  • On the subject of seperate messages - except in the case explained above, please post as many article URLs in one message as possible. I'd like to avoid an overly-heavy list.
  • Remember - NEWS ONLY. No rumors or unsubstantiated hearsay. This is why I insist that everyone post URLs with each article.
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