The FamilySearch FAQ.

Welcome to the new FamilySearch FAQ page!

This page replaces the previous FamilySearch FAQ that was at another website, it was moved as the old website/service is now defunct.

Q: What is FamilySearch?

A: FamilySearch is the umbrella program for a variety of databases and software owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Those other programs include:

All programs, except the PAF program, are ONLY available at the LDS Church's Family History Centers or FHCs. There are nearly 1,900 in the US and some of the overseas ones have it also. Total number of these centers is about 3,300.

A separate FAQ will also be available for PAF, and it will have purchase info included. Each of the programs in the above list will also have its own FAQ page as well.

Q: What is the current version of FamilySearch that I will see when I go to a Family History Center?

A: The latest version number is 2.26. It is currently replacing version 2.25 which is still at a few FHCs yet. It should be replaced by mid-April of 1999.

Watch for more questions and answers to come on this page, watch also for more pages and FAQs for FamilySearch to come.

Disclaimer: FamilySearch and the names of the other files mentioned above are trademarks of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and/or Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

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