Genealogy CD Lookup Page.

I now have a variety of genealogy CDs which I can do confirmation lookups on for you.

Some of these were acquired from funds from the 'Get Paid to Surf' page program at this link. Others, mainly the LDS ones, I acquired on my own due to the inexpensive nature of the LDS CDs.

How to request a lookup: Simply tell me the subject person's name and provide dates, and what CD you think it might be on. In the case of the Pedigree Resource File, provide what disc numbers you may have found off the site so I can immediately go to that disc and find the target data. My email address is at the end of the page.

What you will get: I'll summarize the data for you off the CD. Due to copyright restrictions I cannot give you wholesale data but will give you enough to know whether or not to proceed with research on the person using that data. I'll confirm whether the data you needed is similar. It may take me a few lookups to get it right but in the end I'll try my best to be sure you are satisfied with the results.

What do I have? I have the following CDs. Anything with an * after it was acquired using the 'Get Paid to Surf' page funds (see link in first paragraph). All others I got using other funds I had.