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This page lists genealogy and genealogy-related email lists archived at

Mail is a free service which will archive any email list no matter where the list is hosted, the type of list program it uses, or the server or service it runs from. What they are trying to do is become somewhat for mailing lists what Deja News did for newsgroups. Even lists that don't have an existing archives can create one.

To subscribe your list to, simply subscribe to your list in the manner your list prescribes. Listowners have to be the ones that do the subscribing. To see if your list got subscribed go here to check, if any confirmation messages have to be replied to take care of them at that time. About one to three days later, you should start seeing your list messages appear, but if your list is very low traffic, then you may want to post a message to it after you have confirmed your list has been subscribed.

List ownership is not compromised. If a list is hosted at a service where the ownership of the list is claimed by the service it will still be owned by that list service. List message copyright is not compromised either, in accordance with US and International Copyright Law. That means that you as a poster to any mailing list will still OWN your posts and as such your posts may not be put in a database for sale or rent or hire without your written consent.

Now on to the lists! The latest messages sent to each list appear at the top of each lists entries.

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