American Cribbage Congress

The ACC was formed in 1979 to organize and promote the game of Cribbage and to organize the random tournament play that existed at that time. During the last 17 years the ACC has polished the regulations for tournament play and in January 1993 published the ACC Official Tournament Cribbage Rules.

"Cribbage is a pastime that provides social opportunities to display true sportsmanship and respect for others, without rancor, animosity, or overwhelming self interest during competition."

Cribbage was invented in England over 400 years ago and is still play in the same basic manner with a full deck of 52 cards and a cribbage board with pegs to keep track of the score. Although several variations exist on both sides of the Atlantic, the ACC has compiled a set of rules for 2 handed cribbage tournaments.

The ACC publishes a monthly magazine "Cribbage World", to inform members of the outcomes of tournaments, offer many entertaining anecdotes, and publish the schedule of up coming tournaments. The ACC also has a web page which I encourage you to visit.
For more information you can email me or write to the:

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