Betty & Denis Herman's Story


Name: Betty or Rebecca Herman (nee Shaw or Warshawsky)

Currently in: Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Evacuated from: London, England

Evacuated to: Wales - Cambridge

I was evacuated at age 5 to Glam. Wales, & was very well-taken care of by the Evans family, one being Kenneth who was a paraplegic & I would dearly love to hear from him or his family. (Porth, Glam). After 7 months stay, I returned to London for 2 yrs, then was evacuated to Cottenham, Cambridge with the Maskell family who, I understand, are deceased. However, I have been in touch with the nurse who was employed by the family and took care of me much of the time. She now lives in Wales and is 90-years-of-age.