Alan Putland's Story


Some of my brief details


BORN: Plaistow in West Ham


Lived the first part in Plaistow till 1941.

Was evacuated to North Wales 1941

Returned and lived in Leyton 1943

Moved to Stratford 1947

Emigrated to Australia 1963


Colegrave Road Primary School Leyton

Stratford Green Secondary Modern School Stratford


Messenger boy for Stratford Express

Engine cleaner on British Railways

Fireman on British Railways

Conductor on London Transport

Bus driver with London Transport until 1963

Also served with the Air Training Corps

Served with Royal Air Force Reserve Squadron

Have many wonderful memories of the "old country' and maybe one day I can

share them with others through your web site.

Anyway, enough for now.

And I hope to have a long and wonderful association with your good self.



Alan L.Putland.

Sydney, New South Wales Australia.




Updated 4/4/00