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updated 12/4/00

I was born in Stepney in the east End of London.

I lived there until the war broke out and then in 1940 my parents

and the rest of my brothers and sisters moved to Dagenham Essex. I

was then evacuated first to somewhere in Devon (I don't remember for how

long), then to Penzance in Cornwall, where in the middle of the night, I heard

a noise, and laying there as a little kid I was scared stiff, and I heard

somebody quietly calling my name; it was my Dad. He dressed me, and we left

there. As there were no buses or trains, we got a ride in a furniture van

going to London; I was glad to be home.

Then after a short while I was on a train to North Wales

to a place called Mostyn Village, there were kids from my neighborhood

that I knew, I ended up with a couple named Mr. and Mrs. Dennis,

who made me work like a slave at a very young age, some

families only wanted the boys and not the girls just for the purpose to

work. Was I ever glad to leave that place and get home?

When the war ended I went away to boarding school in Surrey,

after leaving school, of course was off to work the same as everyone else.

I was conscripted in the Army at 18 then served in Germany and then of to Korea,

the Korean War was on at that time.

I eventually moved to Canada in 1964 with my wife and

children, where I'm presently living.