Beryl Small's Story



 In 1939 all the children were evacuated from the East End Of London.

We lived above my Dad's shop, Quick Valley Service Dry Cleaners,

at 243 Commercial Road.

My eldest brother, Leslie Schomberg went to Myrdle Street School.

Since he was the eldest, my younger brother Malcolm and I were

evacuated from his school. We left with small bags and gas masks, with our

parents crying, not knowing where we were going.

We were taken by train to Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

We were taken to the town square, we were with our cousins,

the Gersch family from Jublee Street. Different families took us

home with them. They were paid for each child, my two cousins and I

were together; we slept in one bed with an adult lady in the same room.

Because I was very unhappy, my dad came and took me back to London. He found

better homes for my brothers, and they stayed .

When the Germans set fire to London, my dad, mom and I returned to


My mom and my two brother went to Ireland. I stayed in Aylesbury.

My Dad and I were taken in by the very best of people, Iris and Reg Beechey.

They have both passed away, I will never forget their kindness as long

as I live, and I still keep in close touch with their son Malcolm.

With all the hardships, God was good to us. I had this family who

truly loved me.

I married a G.I. and came to America after the war.

My family & I were never together as a family unit again, even though they

came to live in the U.S.A.



I moved to this beautiful country right after WW2. I married a G.I.

I came to cold country. Buffalo N.Y. I didn't mind the cold weather;.

I was young and I was very homesick, but within two years I had two little baby girls,

that helped.

There was a British Brides Club, in Buffalo that made it more enjoyable.

After all these years, when I do make a trip to England and I go to

the East End, I feel that I'm home.

My parents and two brothers came to live in this country and loved it.

My parents passed away, also my younger brother. My brother Leslie lives in San Diego.

I live in Florida now, and we have a British Club. I found many East

Enders in this club.